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Green Witchcraft:  life is a name of struggle and in this struggle; one has to face many hardships, injuries, sickness, ailments and even major crisis. Earth has the role of kind and sympathetic mother. It has many ways to heal and ease the person living in its lap without any discrimination. it follows the one and the only rule and that is to observe and understand the natural phenomena with keen observation and inquisitive manner.

Those who try, find close connection with nature. Earth has many hidden treasures to heal the victim of the hardships. Plants, herbs and other such hidden things are the great gift of earth for human beings living in its dear lap. It is up to man now to discover these treasures and use them for the benefits of human being.  

Green Witchcraft for the beginners is the book which is the result of hard labour to discover the hidden treasures unveil before the human beings. It contains the different plants and herbs which can be prove helpful in the healings of the human common ailments. Green witchcraft book is a magic book that unveils and opens the spiritual practice. This practice is connected with the human beings to come in harmony with the energy level that earth offers to us. As for as the practice is concerned, it means everything that grows in the form of plants and herbs. All the magic medicines are got from these plants and herbs for the magic cure of the common ailments present in the human beings.    







The green witchcraft offers complete guide for those who want to know about the magic powers of the herbs and plants. This guide will surely help to build great foundation with the introduction to the lore and tools of the green witch. Many magical effects are present in these herbs which can prove very helpful in curing the common ailments.

The interested people can learn with the help of these herbs and plants the key components of the green witchcraft. The book is a basically magic guide which consists of the spells, charms and tinctures. These things are explained with detail and help to know how to use them and practice them in the real life situation.

The reed magic includes the following features which make it interesting and informative book.

  • A dried rose called Jericho seems to be the size and shape of the tumbleweed but when it is nourished and cared, it shows its magic and provides opportunity for the show of love and prosperity.
  • Psychic Hangover Tea is a restorative elixir which is brewed with the help of black tea. This is blended with fragrant rose like hips and lavender. This combination produces soothing properties and emits gently quiet and overextended mind and spirit.
  • Red Clover Glamour Potion: This body mist is designed to help any witch project energy of natural beauty and glamour. Mix pure clean water with the cleansing powers of pink salt and the revitalizing energy of red clover blossoms.

The magic lovers would love to read this great gift. Be hurry and get its copy to enjoy the magic power of earth and its belongings.

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