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On Friday the Head of Maths found my Year 7 lesson. Today I had the feedback. It become fairly useful; the complete system has been extremely wonderful. The context is that, even though I’ve taught A Level and GCSE maths numerous times, I’ve in no way taught Set 3 in Year 7 before. I’m a beginner on this location; it’s the toughest, most thrilling maths coaching I’ve ever completed – however highly worthwhile. 

We’re doing algebra and this lesson changed into about forming expressions from described situations. It turned into duration 5 on a Friday. The lesson has felt a chunk too stilted for my liking; it didn’t go with the flow as I’d hoped so I wasn’t watching for a rave assessment:

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The major comments factors I’ve taken away have been:

Positives: The wellknown environment in the lesson turned into desirable; I’m on foot the talk in phrases of routines and trendy expectations; college students are enthusiastic – a few especially so; I’m giving praise and embracing making mistakes as a part of the getting to know. I had a few desirable questions coated up (which includes a very good one giving more than one opportunity correct solutions for a perimeter expression) and I modelled a can-do spirit approximately working via them.

Areas to enhance:  Basically, I’m not giving the much less assured college students enough exercise with questions they could do to build confidence; the ramp of problem via the sequence of questions become too steep and there were no longer sufficient questions that were instantly-forward drill practice. At the identical time, some students ought to manipulate this effortlessly so I need to supply differentiated questions that allow for the undertaking whilst additionally taking into consideration greater drilling on the fundamentals for those who need it.

There is a risk that some of my college students experience less confident with maths than is healthful at this degree in Year 7 due to the fact I’ve been pushing the issue a piece too difficult. It became also cautioned that I want to revisit a few simple algebra models to permit some students to re-connect with the basic ‘unknown number’ premise in different contexts; it’s now not conceptually steady – yet.

Actions:  Increase the fulfillment price feasible; produce tiered question units that offer each confidence-building and undertaking opportunities; revisit primary conceptual fashions.

The manner changed into exceptional from my angle for numerous motives:

My observer is someone I recognize hugely; I recognize he can do the entirety he’s suggesting I do. The dialogue was very plenty targeted at the pedagogy of maths and the maths curriculum – the details of excellent questions, student misconceptions. He presented recommendations that resonated as sensible; I don’t think I’d be pretty as receptive to non-specialist generic remarks. His reports at the interactions amongst the scholars have been charming – they shared their learning views in the course of the lesson and this changed into exciting to listen.

Because the spirit changed into distinctly collegial and I was given some high-quality confirmation on the start, I was geared up to pay attention the optimistic comments; it become particular, non-judgemental and authoritative. On my part, I became keen for the feedback: I’m glad to be the standard learner in this situation; I’m not below any illusions – I’ve never taught an advent to algebra before. 

I changed into receptive – and relieved that the feedback wasn’t extra essential. I had the opportunity to percentage a number of my challenges and dilemmas: the way to stability progressing through the content at the same time as being privy to the diverging degrees of self assurance throughout the magnificence – a few want greater practice; some are equipped to transport on.

I’d want to assume I can deliver feedback as useful as this become for me with a spirit that enables humans listen their regions for improvement such that they act on them in amongst all the positives that offer confirmation and motivation. It without a doubt helps to sit on the alternative facet each as soon as in while.

(Final concept: Thank goodness lesson grades are lifeless and buried. I’ve been able to mirror on all the troubles and thoughts without brooding over the pseudo-rigour of a made-up judgement grade.)

Before I study the lesson, I ask the trainer for a lesson plan and copies of the handouts and worksheets as a way to be used for the duration of the lesson.

The Criteria

Each of the standards defined beneath is given a mark on a 4-factor rubric on the end of the lesson, corresponding to Greatly Lacking, Below Standard, Competent and Excellent.


Does the teacher have the whole thing he wishes to train the lesson he has planned? Does he want to depart the school room at any point to pick out up substances he forgot? Has he organized and checked all of the centers and media he desires to use during the lesson to avoid technical problems?

Quality of materials

Are the materials relevant? Are they exciting and appealing? Do they include sufficient and clear examples of what’s being taught? Do they make exact use of context? Is there a great style of materials and formats? Do college students understand how to interact with the materials? Are there any mistakes within the materials used?


Do the students have the risk and time to think for themselves and examine through discovery? Do the scholars have autonomy? Are students gaining knowledge of actively as opposed to passively? Does the instructor cater to the students’ needs and possibilities instead of prioritizing the curriculum?

T–S interactivity

Does the instructor have rapport with the students? Does the instructor display hobby in the college students as people? Are the students cushy asking questions? Does the instructor reply undoubtedly and constructively to student questions?

S–S Interaction

Do the scholars have the risk and time to paintings together? Does the lesson encompass interactive activities? Does the lesson encompass collaborative activities? Are the scholars advocated to talk about work with each other or to paintings quietly?

Variety of activities

Is there a number of pastime types? Is there a variety of dynamics throughout the lesson? 

Whiteboard usage

Does the instructor use the whiteboard? Is the whiteboard nicely-organized? Is there an obvious structure? Is the whiteboard content clean and intelligible? Are examples of the mastering fabric proven at the whiteboard? Is the whiteboard a treasured reference for the students for the duration of the lesson?

Use of context

Does the trainer set up context for what is being discovered? Are real-lifestyles examples used? Do the scholars have a experience of the price of /use for what is being learned? Is the scholars’ exercise applicable to their lives?


Does the trainer display correct know-how of what is being discovered? Does the teacher introduce any errors in guidance? Do the scholars make any wrong assumptions that aren’t addressed while first encountering the goal material?

Error Correction

Does the instructor correct scholar errors in practice? Does the instructor use suitable strategies when correcting? Does the trainer deliver clean and accurate corrections? Do the scholars appear to integrate corrections? Does the trainer test the effectiveness of corrections made?


Does the trainer use concise and specific motives? Do the teacher’s examples make sense? Do the students appear to understand the teacher? Do the students notes correspond to what the instructor has said?

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Lesson structure

Does the lesson follow an apparent structure? Is the shape of the lesson logical? Is the shape progressive, constructivist? Does the trainer complete the lesson? Does the lesson encompass input and output? Are there enough possibilities for practice? Does the instructor dedicate lesson time to engaging the scholars?


Do the scholars demonstrate field? Do the students follow commands? Do the students behave respectfully toward each other? Does the instructor reply positively and constructively to undesirable behaviour? Does the trainer supply students the chance to monitor and manipulate their own behaviour? Is there evidence of a foundation/framework of area, including magnificence regulations, practices, and so on.?

Student engagement

Are the students engaged? Do the students participate actively? Do college students whole activities ? Do students appear obsessed with activities? Do students respond to teacher questions? Do college students respond undoubtedly to commands?


Are the students required to apply their gaining knowledge of to sensible duties? Does the lesson have any real actual-world effect? Is it clear on the end of the lesson how students can use their learning in their actual existence? Is there clear ability development in addition to expertise?


Is the studying goal obvious in any respect tiers of the lesson? Do activities relate logically to each other? Does trainer talk relate to the topic at hand? Does the lesson commonly feel cohesive? Does input join logically with output? Do practice activities prepare college students for the specific application/output?


Does the instructor display whilst college students are operating? Is the teacher engaged with the lesson and the scholars in any respect levels? Does the trainer reply to college students in a well timed and attentive manner? Is the trainer absolutely committed to the lesson handy in place of outside issues?


Does meaning play an crucial function within the lesson? Do college students seem to truly understand what they are being taught? Is knowledge installed on a couple of degrees and from multiple perspectives? Does the trainer take a look at for information? Does the trainer employ idea checking questions and demonstrations to accomplish that? 


Does the lesson make a contribution to real progress? Do the students analyze something new that they didn’t understand earlier than the lesson started out? Can the students do some thing by the stop of the lesson that they couldn’t earlier than? Does the lesson healthy right into a scaffolded syllabus respective to previous gaining knowledge of and in addition training?

Lesson Success

Does the lesson acquire the mastering objectives as determined within the lesson plan? Do the students have the hazard to demonstrate their studying via the end of the lesson? Is the enter cloth absolutely realized in the output? Is the learning carried out?

how to write a classroom observation, student observation form, informal teacher observation form, classroom observation checklist, class observation tool, student observation form special education, printable teacher evaluation form, observational learning examples in the classroom, behavior observation of students in schools form
The Next Step

I assume it’s far very important that I additionally spend a few words here speaking approximately what I do after an observation. There is always and must constantly be a comply with-up that includes some steps: remarks, response, development.

Although I do provide appraisal observations as a carrier to other institutions, once I am at head of my very own college, I do no longer behavior observations for appraisal. It is a vital a part of my philosophy that the commentary should be the beginning of a manner and not the final step.

Initial feedback takes the shape of the written report this is protected within the hyperlink on the give up of this newsletter. I write this document as quickly after the statement as I can and share it with the trainer that will study my remarks whilst the events of the lesson are nevertheless sparkling of their thoughts, ensuring that my feedback have maximum context.

Then, the teacher is given the danger to reply to my feedback. Preferably, I will meet with the trainer face-to-face after they have had time to examine my written remarks. They can ask me any questions they could have about my remarks and also can tell me in the event that they disagree or think any of my feedback are erroneous or unfair. It is essential that this interaction is authentic, which means that there need to be the actual chance that a instructor can alternate my thoughts and that I may alter the written comments if I assume the trainer has an inexpensive objection.

Finally, the trainer will embark upon development, both in schooling with me or thru their own private improvement, collaboration with their friends or training that they discover themselves. Most importantly, the statement should exist to become aware of subsequent steps in the teacher’s adventure to being the quality they may be.

The Result

You will notice within the related sample that the file I write after the observation consists of an normal ‘grade’ or ‘degree’. This is arrived at through a fairly easy system that entails counting the quantity of plus factors and minus factors in addition to considering how many extremes there are in the tremendous and the terrible. 

Ultimately, the wish is that a teacher could be “ready”. Anything less than equipped is taken into consideration a hassle. However, it’s also was hoping that even a instructor graded as in a position will still be keen to paintings on enhancing any areas of weakness. Excellence is never “predicted” on my aspect of the commentary, however as a count number of principle, Excellence must usually be the private aim of the trainer, I believe.

The Sample

The hyperlink below will come up with a pattern of the feedback reports I write for all of the teachers I take a look at. You will see that it’s far very complete. 

I have been informed before that I have to preserve this to myself, as I am but to locate any other institution that provides comments as comprehensive as I do, and several colleagues have advised that I be greater careful about defensive my highbrow belongings and precise promoting points. 

My personal feelings about this, but, are that if someone else takes my thoughts and uses them to broaden higher teaching and studying, then they’re not a competitor; they’re a collaborator.

That stated, I would ask that in case you do locate it interesting and also you want to use it or share it with others, you consist of a hyperlink again to me each time and anywhere possible. I recognize any and all efforts to accomplish that.

Once again, I’d like to pay attention your mind on how it is able to be stepped forward. I’d additionally like to hear form anyone who tries it out for themselves or adapts it to their personal functions and how it works out.

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how to write a classroom observation, student observation form, informal teacher observation form, classroom observation checklist, class observation tool, student observation form special education, printable teacher evaluation form, observational learning examples in the classroom, behavior observation of students in schools form
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