The Importance and Benefits of Salah Prayer Free PDF

Dear Brothers and Sisters in IslamThe Importance and Benefits of salah prayer Free PDF Salah (Muslim Prayer five times in a Day: Fajar, Zuhar, Asr, Maghrab, Isha) is a condition that completes our belief in Allah Almighty. Without it, a Muslim is devoid of faith in Allah Almighty. Learning Salah (Namaz) is the basis of Islam faith. It helps us understand our relation with our Lord (Allah Almighty). As a result, we get to know about life’s purpose in this World and help us accept the facts of this world and the next one (hereafter), which otherwise we find difficult to accept.

why perform salah (namaz)?

Dear brothers and sisters in islam, salah (namaz) is the most significant act of worship of allah almighty that all muslims must follow. muslims should not take salah prayer for granted because it is an obligation (farz). in the holy quran greatly emphasizes on five times prayer and pays great importance and dignity to its performance. we should perform prayer (salah) because it benefits us in the following ways;

  • 1.helps invoke allah almighty
  • 2.leads towards righteousness nd good ways
  • 3.rewards us with great benefits
  • 4.helps us stay connected to allah almighty
  • 5.protects you from shaitan and nafas

Dear Brothers and Sisters , now that our wudu has been properly made, we can proceed and begin to pray salah. Here are the steps of the salah:

  • Standing
  • Takbir (Allah Akbar)
  • Fatihah – Recitation
  • Ruku – Bowing
  • Sujud – Prostration
  • Tashahud – Sitting

Rakah during salah

Dear Brothers and Sisters, As an activity of Daily living, salah (prayer) is performed by Muslim believers at least 5 times a day compulsory; each prayer comprising of a certain number of repetitive units called Rakʿah 1. A practicing Muslim if he offers Compulsory Salah alone (Females in the Home and Man offer in the Mosque), repeats these Rak’ah a minimum of 17 times daily. The number of total Rakʿah is approximately 48 Raka’a in a day which includes all mandatory and Optional Rak’ah. Table 1 summarizes each daily prayer (Salah) and different number of obligatory Rakʿah.Table 1: Table of Rakʿah in Salah.


  • Fajr (Prayer) – has two rakah,
  • Dhur (Prayer) – has four rakah
  • Asr (Prayer) – has four rakah
  • Maghrib (Prayer) – has three rakah
  • Isha (Prayer) – has four rakah

Table of Total Rakʿah.

  salah (prayer) time  SUNNAH
(Act by Prophet)
(Act by Prophet)
(Odd Rakʿah, the last prayer of night)
FAJR (Namaz)
The dawn prayer
ZOHR (Namaz)
The afternoon prayer
ASR (Namaz)
The Late Afternoon Praye
MAGRIB (Namaz)
The evening Prayer
ISHA (Namaz)
The Night Prayer
The Importance and Benefits of salah prayer Free PDF


Dear Brothers and Sisters, Our Free PDF Books (Encyclopaedia of Islam ,The 99 Names of Allah |, Arabic 101 – Learn Arabic , Eid al-fitr Worksheets, The Holy Quran With Urdu Translation , All Juzz 1 to 30 Root words , How to learn Arabic, Islamic Prayer Rug , Muslim Prayer Mat , How to Perform Salah , The Importance and Benefits of salah , How to Perform Wudu , ) helps learners learn prayer properly, along with its complete meaning and purpose.

Through the Salah Article, learners will be able to practice Salah effectively and Properly. By understanding prayer (Salah) with its meaning, learners will be able to perform prayer (Slah) more effectively as it will yield good outcomes. Learners will not face any difficulty in performing Salah (Namaz) after taking the Salah PDF, with the help of Allah Almighty. Thanks

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