The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies by Nicole Apelian Claude Davis

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies: Herbal medicine is based on the concept of cure by using the natural methods of extracting herbs. They are claimed to be the harmless for the patient and are without any harmful aftereffects. The use of herbs for the medicinal point of view is increasing day by day and more and more people are turning to it for better results and with no toxic effects. Herbs were the essential part of the people in the past but with the invention of the allopathic treatment, their use for treatment was abandoned in some regions while in other regions, their use was decreased as it was out of fashion but with new awareness and having the limitless benefits, people are turning to it for common ailments and maladies. The book on the herbal remedies is one of the finest books in the world.

The lost book of the remedies is the best book ever written on the herbal remedies. The remedies book contains all the necessary remedies which are found common in our society. The lost book of remedies will definitely help you improve your health and fitness with the help of the herbs present all around us in the form of edible vegetables. The remedies book has all the secrets which are used in the past centuries and were considered the hidden treasures for the patients suffering from different diseases that are still present in our societies.

It seems impossible and incredible that thousand of the peoples around the globe have been successfully treated from their diseases with the help of the simple and effective remedies found in the kitchen. The ancestors were very skillful in the use of the simple remedies with the help of the different herbs available in their kitchen and still there are many people who believe in the wisdom of their ancestors and their practices in the use of simple remedies.



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388 Pages

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The lost book of remedies is a kind of precious treasure that would definitely improve your health. It is also seen that the home remedies are becoming very popular day by day. These simple remedies are beneficial in the sense that the expenses and hassle of the traditional medicine are increasing and are slipping out of the hands of the common person. The aftereffects of the allopathic treatment are more than their benefits and one has to come back to the simple remedies which is more natural and is suited to their natural way of living.

 In the present lost book of remedies, the author has collected all the necessary herbs which can be used for the treatment of the common ailments found all around us. As the use of the herbs is getting much popular in the common people, the writer of the remedies book has tried to introduce you with the basic knowledge on the different herbs which are in our access and approach.    

The herbs are helpful in the field of medicine as they contain the following qualities:

  • Simple 
  • No side effects 
  • No chemicals Inexpensive
  • Plus the ability of being able to treat yourself 

The book will help you a lot so hurry up and place your order to get the unlimited benefit from the various usages of the herbs.

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