Translation of First 10 Ayat of Surah Kahf

Surah Al-Kahf is the 18 Surah in Quran Kareem with one hundred ten ayat and located in para 15 – 16. This Surah English approach “The Cave”, you may download complete Al-Kahf PDF on-line that’s posted via Maktaba Tul Madinah. Reciting online Al-Kahf PDF is also feasible for readers via downloading and saving files to their gadgets.

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Translation of first 10 ayat of Kahf

All reward is for Allah Who has revealed the Book to His servant, permitting no crookedness in it – making it perfectly upright, to warn the disbelievers of a severe torment from Him; to give excellent information to the believers—who do accurate—that they’ll have a quality praise – in which they’ll continue to be all the time – and to warn folks who declare ‘Allah has offspring’ –

They don’t have any information of this, nor did their forefathers. What a horrible declare that comes out in their mouths! They say nothing however lies – Now, possibly you O Prophet will grieve yourself to dying over their denial, if they continue to disbelieve on this message – We have indeed made anything is in the world as an adornment for it, in order to check which ones is high-quality in deeds – And We will genuinely lessen something is on it to barren ground – Have you O Prophet idea that the human beings of the cave and the plaque were the best wonders of Our signs and symptoms? –

Al-Kahf Transliteration – First 10 verses

  • Alhamdu lillaahil latheee anzala ‘alaa ‘abdihil kitaaba wa lam yaj’al lahoo ‘iwajaa
  • Qaiyimal liyunthira ba’asan shadeedam mil ladunhu wa yubashshiral mu’mineenal latheena ya’maloonas saalihaati anna lahum ajran hasanaa
  • Maakitheena feehi abadaa
  • Wa yunziral latheena qaalut takhazal laahu waladaa
  • Maa lahum bihee min ‘ilminw wa laa li aabaaa’ihim; kaburat kalimatan takhruju min afwaahihim; iny yaqooloona illaa kathibaa
  • Fala’allaka baakhi’un nafsaka ‘alaaa aasaarihim illam yu’minoo bihaathal hadeethi asafaa
  • Innaa ja’alnaa ma ‘alal ardi zeenatal lahaa linabluwahum ayyuhum ahsanu ‘amalaa
  • Wa innaa la jaa’iloona maa ‘alaihaa sa’eedan juruzaa
  • Am hasibta anna Ashaabal Kahfi war Raqeemi kaanoo min Aayaatinaa ‘ajabaa
  • Iz awal fityatu ilal Kahfi faqaaloo Rabbanaaa aatinaa mil ladunka rahmatanw wa haiyi’ lanaa min amrinaa rashadaa
which number is surah kahf,can i read surah kahf on thursday night,how long is surah kahf,how to find surah kahf in quransurah kaf, surah kahaf,surah khaf,sura al khaf,surah al kaf,surah kahf last 10 verses,surah kahf with urdu translation ,surah al kahf transliteration ,
surah al kahf mp3 free download full ,surah kahf english translation ,english translation of surah kahf

Hadith of Al-Kahf first 10 verses

There are a number of hadith which signify the special significance of Surah Kahf together with the following which specially mentions the first 10 verses:

Abu Darda (RA) mentioned: The Prophet (SAW) said, “Whoever memorizes ten verses from the beginning of Al-Kahf will be resistant to the False Messiah.”

In another narration, the Prophet said, “From the final ten verses of SAl-Kahf (Muslim)

Al-Kahf Benefits

A number of blessings and virtues are granted to the one who recites Al-Kahf:

  • Gives safety from the rigors and tribulations of Dajjal the False Messiah
  • Gives a non secular mild that extends from one Friday to the subsequent
  • Brings calmness and serenity whilst reading it

Why you have to read Al-Kahf on a Friday

Abu Sa’id al-Khudri (RA) said: The Prophet (SAW) stated, “Whoever recites Al-Kahf on Friday will have a light among this Friday and the next.” (al-Sunan al-Kubrá)

Al-Bara’ ibn ‘Azib said: A man was reciting Al-Kahf and in his barn was an animal that have become unsettled. As he seemed, there was a mist or a cloud overshadowing him. He noted that to the Prophet (SAW), and he said, “Continue reciting, for it become calm which descended with the Quran, or for the Quran.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

Al-Kahf may be examine whenever after sundown on Thursday up to sundown time on Friday, and so this entire length is counted as being the day of Friday as in line with the hadith. As a lifestyle, Muslims in many countries study this Surah before the Jumuah Prayer however it may be read anytime.

The Story of the humans of the cave – A Trial of Faith

This story is set some of young guys who had been pushed out of their houses because they believed in Allah. They ended up in a cave where Allah made them sleep for decades (309 lunar years that is 300 sun years). When they awakened they felt that they had slept for an afternoon or 1/2 an afternoon. One of them went to the metropolis to get some food disguising himself questioning that the people might realise and harm him. Only to locate himself among a unique people.

The humans of the town had been surprised at his appearance of this man and the antique coins he turned into the use of. The story indicates us how Allah protects the righteous who agree with in Him no matter how tough their situation is. 

The Biblical model of the story is called ‘The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus”, however, the Qur’an doesn’t point out the number of folks who had been within the cave.(Some) say they have been 3, the canine being the fourth among them; (others) say they were five, the canine being the 6th,- doubtfully guessing at the unknown; (yet others) say they have been seven, the dog being the eighth. Say thou: “My Lord knoweth excellent their variety; It is however few that know their (actual case).” Enter not, therefore, into controversies concerning them, except on a remember that is clean, nor consult any of them about (the affair of) the Sleepers. (Quran, 18:22)

The Story of the man who owns gardens – A Trial of Wealth

This is a story about a man who owned two beautiful gardens, but he have become boastful and instructed his pal “I am greater than you in wealth and feature greater servants and attendants and children!!” (Quran 18:34)

The guy forgot to be glad about the bounties Allah has bestowed upon him, consequently Allah destroyed his gardens. This tale is a lesson to folks that take worldly matters for granted and forget about that each one that they’ve is from Allah and He is capable of taking it all away if he wills.

The Story of Musa and Al-Khidr – A Trail of Knowledge

Prophet Muhammad stated: “Once Moses stood up and addressed Bani Israel. He changed into asked who the maximum discovered guy among the human beings become. He stated: “I.” Allah reprimanded him as he did now not attribute absolute information to Him (Allah). So, Allah stated to him: “Yes, on the junction of the 2 seas there may be a slave of Mine who’s more learned than you.”

Moses said: “O my Lord! How can I meet him?” So Allah advised Musa as to in which to discover the man who changed into referred to as “Al-Khidr”-The Green One.Musa goes on a journey with Al-Khidr in which he learns that Allah bestows his expertise on whoever he desires. Nobody need to ever feel he/she is the most informed, as all knowledge belongs to Allah. Hence, Al-Khidr says, “…And I did it no longer of my own accord…” (Quran 18:82)

The Story of the Dhul Qarnayn (A Righteous King) – A Trial of Power

Dhul Qarnain changed into a righteous and simply king, who traveled the lands from West to East. The Qur’an mentions 3 of his journeys. On his ultimate journey, he reaches a place between two mountains wherein he met a tribe of people. They asked him to construct a wall between them and the human beings of Gog and Magog “Ya’juj and Ma’juj” who had been inflicting mischief in the land.

Dhul Qarnain agreed to accomplish that. Dhul Qarnayn became no longer pleased with his achievements, in truth, the Quran mentions that after he constructed that awesome wall,“He stated: ‘This is mercy from my Lord. But whilst the promise of my Lord involves bypass, He will make it stage (with the floor), and the promise of my Lord is ever real’.” (Quran 18: ninety eight) The Prophet taught us that “Whoever reads Soorat al-Kahf on Friday, Allah will bestow upon him light among the ones two Fridays.”

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