Warlock (The Egyptian Series Book 3) by Wilbur Smith

Warlock: The third book in the epic Egyptian series is the Warlock. The Warlock is the novel from the hands of the world fame author Wilbur Smith and is termed and named as the best historical novel by Stephen King. The plot of the novel is based on the ancient land when it was ruled by the kings called Pharaoh. They have strange customs and ways of spending life. He is among the best and the biggest world selling author and has produced marvelous masterpiece in the form of the novel Ancient Egypt. The master scroll book is a kind of epic where multidimensional elements are presented with matchless skill and craft. The novel is packed with magic, mystery, romance and bloody plots in the charming and spell bound world. The world is lost now somewhere.

What is Warlock is the question based on the novel by Wilbur Smith. History of the warlocks goes back to the ancient Egypt where wars were the second nature of the people and they were limited to their war zones and were not allowed to enter the war zones of the other tribes. Warlock definition is the zone where war was fought and the fate of the tribes was decided. Before taking any move and to jump at the enemy, Taita was to reveal what was happening in the mind of Pharaoh.




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Taita sensed something rotten in the bottom and he feels that some foul and lithesome is present in the mind of Pharaoh. Taita is fully aware of the presence of the enemy in the surrounding and he is about to reach the enemy who is hidden in the form of his old friend. It is the story of the treachery and intrigues; it is the story of betrayal and deceit. It is the story of blood and murders.  Friends are proving worst enemies and enemies are coming out as the true friends. Taita has seen many ups and downs in his life.

He has passed through fire and water to achieve the present position, from slave to warlock. He is blessed with countless abilities of mind and body. He is sincere and is willing to defend his friends at every cost. His wisdom and capabilities are known throughout the kingdom. In spite of all his intentions and powers to save his friends from the hands of the enemies, he feels helpless about saving the lives of those who are very close to his heart and soul.

Lord Naja was the given the security until the prince becomes mature enough to take his own decision. Taita is very careful about the security of his true ruler. Foe this purpose, he uses all the powers that are given to him by the natural gods. On the other hand, the enemies of the prince Nefer are united to crush the prince and to snatch the throne of the prince.  They want to create disturbance and destruction in the whole land.   To defeat the False Pharoahs, the gods and armies must share their powers with a mortal warlock.

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