Modesty: A Fashion Paradox by Hafsa Lodi

Modesty: Modesty is the soul of the manners and etiquettes in the human behavior and moral traditions. Definition of the modesty is to show humbleness in the face of troubles, pleasures, defeats and victories. Human generation has been blessed with variety of traits and qualities. These qualities and traits are the bench mark and standards for an organized living and spending life with smooth flow. Modesty in dress, fashion, behavior and attitude is the trait of genuine human beings. In the absence of this trait and quality, man can be anything but human being. This highly recommended trait by the thinkers, philosophers, religious leaders and teachers. Modesty is long term and the most appreciated quality in all the religious of the world.  

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The book Modesty is multidimensional and deals with the different aspects of the term Modesty. A modest man or modest woman can be better dealt than the man and woman who do show modesty in their day to day life. Modesty in women is the most appreciable act of kindness that goes a long way in the life of the women. Men are exempted from this trait. They are also required to show modesty to win the heart of the other human beings.

This thoughtful reflection touches on everything from Islamic, Jewish and Christian scriptures calling for modest clothing to fashion shows, institutionalized submission of women, and assertions by activists that voluntary cover-up is a form of feminist expression. ” Starred Booklist Modest fashion has gained prominence in the global fashion industry over the past half decades and is now a multi-billion dollar retail sector.

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 Its growing and now constant appearance on high-profile fashion runways, in celebrities and in the headlines of Fashion and News publications, has shown that the Modest Fashion movement is very relevant to consumers, especially millennial who are attracted to the feminist influences behind hiding their bodies, who follow codes of religious dress or who subscribe to social networks. This is where more and more fashion bloggers use images It is to inspire your followers.

Movement can credit European high-fashion houses like Gucci for making “stylish” and “trendy” conservative dresses and capes, and subsequent Western brands such as DKNY, H&M and Mango for trying their hand at clothing. modest, it is the promising new group of religious fashion brands that are driving the revolution together with a new group of Muslim fashion bloggers. These have helped catapult the moderate dress trends around the world. This book talks about the various personalities and companies that helped make the humble fashion industry such an important retail sector by examining the controversies at the center of the movement, as a pressing question: even if it makes fur, but extravagant, surprisingly modeled and publicly advertised on social media, can be very helpful.

Modesty is useful book for getting the basic knowledge about the act of modesty and how it works and how it can be applied in the practical life. It also describes the methods and techniques to show modesty and to judge whether one is showing and practicing the modesty. The best book for the readers to have in the library as such books prove valuable gifts for ones heirs.

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