7 Best Places to Visit in Colorado – United States

7 Best Places to Visit in Colorado – United States.Colorado is a state divided by the Rocky Mountains, and is home to many wilderness areas and national park. It is an ideal place for outdoor activities, in any season. The Centennial State is a place where outdoor activities are part and parcel of daily life. This includes whitewater rafting as well as skiing, biking, and camping.

Colorado is a great place to relax and enjoy a fun-loving lifestyle. Colorado has the Union’s highest beer concentration and is one of only two states to have legalized recreational marijuana.  Colorado ‘s top tourist spots are rich in historical and cultural attractions as well as natural beauty. There is something for everyone.


Breckenridge is 65 miles (105km), west of Denver. It is a historical mining community with a growing population. More than 2,300 acres of terrain can be found on Breckenridge’s southwest boundary.

The new gondola takes skiers to Peak 8 Breckenridge’s original ski peak. It is located in the northern part of town. It rises nearly 13,000ft (4000m) in height. The National Historic Register includes more than 250 buildings. This town was once a gold-rush capital. It is worth visiting the cultural attractions.

Black Canyon of Gunnison

Gunnison National Park is located in Southwestern Colorado. It is best known for the narrow canyon, also known as Black Canyon. It has a depth 2700 feet (820m), and was formed thousands of years ago by erosion by the Gunnison River.

You can see the canyon from scenic overlooks along South Rim Road which runs 6 miles (10km). The Cedar Point Nature Trail, a hiking trail running along South Rim, is easy to navigate. The trail also includes information about the local plants. At 2,250 feet (7.380 feet) tall, the Painted Wall is California’s highest cliff.


Vail was built to house Vail Ski Resort. It is the largest single-mountain ski resort in the country. Vail is home to 193 marked ski trails, making it one of the most visited resorts in the country.

The village of Tyrolean design, which is also popular in summer, is almost as well-known. Anglers will love Vail, which is home to many streams and lakes that are full of fish. River rafting is also an option. Horseback riding, mountain biking, and golf are all popular warm-weather options.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

It is a stunning sight to see the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Southern Colorado. Winds blow against the Sangre de Cristo Mountains create the dunes. They can reach heights greater than 750 feet (230m) making them North America’s tallest dunes.

Sandboarding, skiing and sledding down dunes are the most popular activities in the park. You can also slide down the slopes on the nearby medium-sized slopes. On the north side of Medano Creek, there is a steeper climb. It takes you to a slope that is 300 feet (90m) high.


Boulder is a college town that’s just minutes from Denver. It is located in the Rocky Mountains’ foothills. Boulder is well-known for its healthy lifestyle and numerous outdoor activities.

Boulder Creek runs through the city, and is lined with walking and biking trails. The pedestrian-friendly Pearl Street Mall spans four blocks and hosts outdoor performers for all seasons.

As they drive up Baseline Road, Flagstaff Mountains, visitors will be treated to stunning views. You will also find picnic areas and hiking trails on the summit.


Aspen is a well-known ski resort, and one of Colorado’s top destinations. It’s true.

Four resorts offer great skiing, including the buttermilk mountain’s gentle slopes and Aspen Mountain’s rugged terrain. You can fish for trout in Roaring Fork River or take shuttles to nearby Maroon Bells peaks at 14,000 feet (4300 meters). This allows you to take leisurely walks through Colorado’s most photographed mountains.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs can be found at the foot of Pikes Peak. It is a popular spot for visitors who want to take in the breathtaking views from the mountain which inspired the song “America, the Beautiful”.

Another favorite natural attraction is the Garden of the Gods. It features sculpted sandstone formations and balancing stones. There are many museums in the city, including the Pioneer Museum, Fine Arts Center and Rock Ledge Historic Site. These museums are open to the public and feature costumed docents that tell the story of Colorado Springs.


Denver is Colorado’s capital. It lies exactly one mile above the sea level. Denver is east of the Rocky Mountains and is a popular spot for winter sports. It is known for its rich mining heritage and cowboy past. Denver is home of many museums, including the Denver Art Museum and Denver Performing Arts Complex. These two centers are among the most important in performing arts.

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