7 Best Places to Visit in Kansas – United States

7 Best Places to Visit in Kansas – United States.You guessed correctly. This is the song that Kansas, the 34th US state, sings. Kansas is the only state that produces over 400 million bushels per year. The Kansas wheat can be used to make 33 billion loaves, enough bread for the entire world.

The state is also a leader in the production of corn, alfalfa and sorghum. The state is also known as the “Sunflower State” because of its beautiful sunflowers that can be found in the state’s grasslands. Kansas isn’t just about sunflowers and farms. You can also find Kansas landscapes that include hills, forests, grasslands and well-maintained cities.

Kansas Places to Visit

If you’re done watching Kansas’ beautiful sunsets or a hot basketball game between Jayhawks & K-State Wildcats, finished eating at a BBQ joint and survived a hailstorm, finished looking for Clark Kent, aka Superman, and done taking pictures of landscapes and sunflowers, this is the list of top places in Kansas.

Monument Rocks

This is one of the best places to visit in Kansas. The chalk pyramids, also known as Monument rocks, are a natural wonder located in the north-western region of Kansas. They were formed nearly 80 million years ago.

This is a unique place to visit in Kansas. These chalk formations, which rise unexpectedly from ground to form awe-inspiring monuments in different sizes and shapes, are surrounded by barren, flat lands. Every monument is unique.

Some are over 70 feet high, while others have embedded fossils from various sea life. It is located on private land, a bit away from the city. Be prepared to drive on gravel roads and be respectful of the surrounding.


Wichita is one of Kansas’s most beautiful cities. Although it isn’t Kansas’ capital, it is the state’s largest city. Wichita is also known as “the air capital of the globe” and it has many attractions that will leave visitors of all ages amazed. This is a must-see place in Kansas. This city offers beautiful memories to all visitors, from the Sedgwick county Zoo, which boasts a collection more than 2500 animals, to the Botanica, an 18-acre landscaped garden.

 Art and culture enthusiasts should visit the many museums and galleries of the city, such as the museum museum of world treasures and the old cowtown museum. If you visit Kansas City on the last Friday of each month, these museums are free to see. Other attractions include the Arkansas river trail and the original Pizza Hut. Shopaholics will love the Delano district, where they can shop until their hearts content.

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve is the place to go if you’ve only read about prairies in books. It’s located in the Flint Hills and covers over 4,000,000 acres. It is the only remaining tallgrass prairie in the world. Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve houses over 500 species, more than 30 wild animals, and 150 grassland birds. If you’re looking for adventure, then visit the preserve to hike along the gravel trails and mowed paths. This is one of Kansas’ most treasured tourist attractions.

Cedar Point, Drinkwater and Schriver Flour Mill

One of Kansas’ most historic places is the Cedar Point Mill. The stone building, which is located in Cedar Point in Chase County, Texas, has a long and rich history. The mill is located on the banks the Cottonwood River and was originally used as a wood sawmill in 1867. In 1870 it was converted to a flour mill for local bakeries. The mill was abandoned in 1961, and it is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The historic landmark is being restored to increase its appeal to visitors.

Oz Museum

The Oz Museum is a fun place to visit in Kansas. It’s located in Wamego, a small city. This museum is located on the banks of River Kansas and is dedicated to everything related to the Wizard of Oz. This colorful museum takes you to the Technicolor World of Oz. Through the museum’s rare artifacts and original books, production notes, photos and props, you can see over 100 years of history about the Wizard of Oz. The museum also has a silent film collection. If you’re a movie buff, this museum is worth adding to your Kansas sightseeing itinerary.


Topeka, Kansas’ capital city and “breadbasket” of the nation is one of many places you can visit. It is located in Shawnee County. Topeka has a rich history dating back to the 1800s. Visit the Kansas Historical Society & Museum to get a taste of Kansas’ rich history. Admire the murals at the Kansas State Capitol.

For the more adventurous, there are many options for water sports, such as swimming at Lake Shawnee or going hiking on the numerous natural trails throughout the city. For children, the Topeka Zoological Park has many exhibits. The Gage Park offers rides. You can enjoy a quiet evening in one of the many parks and botanical gardens located within the city. Topeka is one of Kansas’ top 10 must-see places.

Union Station

Union Station, Kansas City’s second largest train station, is one of the most popular places to visit. The Union Station, an architectural marvel built in 1914, is still fully operational today. Although it is now a smaller station, it still features an interactive science centre, the Regnier Extreme Screen Theatre and the Arvin Gottlieb planetarium.

The Union Station hosts many exhibits throughout the year, including Dinosaurs Revealed and Pompeii the Exhibition. With its 3500-pound chandeliers and huge clock, the building’s 95-foot ceiling, is a sight to see. If you’re in Kansas, don’t forget to stop by Kansas’ most famous coffee shops for a cup of joe.

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