Abaya Dress – Dubai Abaya Caftan African Dress

Abaya Dress – Dubai Abaya Caftan African Dress: Abayas are not only the fashion of the today world but also the necessity for the women living in the in the Islamic societies. Abaya gowns are in fact the long robes which the women wear in order to protect their bodies from the lustful eyes of the men. Usually, the abayas are found in the black colour.  

Although the colour is also in the fashion but the number of women who like the grey colour are less in number. The abaya dress is used as the covering dress that is worn over the proper dress and is often used when the women go outside the homes or to attend some king of formal business.  Usually, the abaya dress is used to cover the whole body.  

In the same way, another covering dress that is used to wear by the women is called the burqa (abaya for women). This burqa is in vogue in the subcontinent and by the women who belong to South Asia. Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Afghanistan are the areas especially for the women who dress their body with long robe called burqa (Abaya). We can say that burqa is the old name whereas the abaya dress is the modern shape and improved form of burqa (abaya for women).

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Abaya style varies with the culture and region to region. Stylish abaya is in great demand in the present-day society whether it is Asia or Europe wherever the Muslim families reside. The only difference that is present between burqa and abaya is that burqa is long enough to cover the body from head to toe leaving no part of the body visible for the outsider while the abaya covers the body from shoulder to knee and for veil; some type of scarf is used. The head face is covered with additional covering known as the scarf.

Most of the women do not wear scarf to cover their face. Stylish abaya Dress is in great demand and the women prefer to stylish abaya instead of the traditional hijab or abaya. Abaya is used to wear when some special festival or occasion approaches. In the middle east countries, abaya is put on the special occasion of Eid when they want to visit the worship place, mosque.

Abaya Dress style is available in many varieties (girls abaya, ladies abaya, saudi abaya, umbrella abayas, abaya boutique, open abaya, عبايات, emirati abaya, persian clothing online) according to size (XS – (US 2), S – (US 4), M – (US 6), L – (US 8), XL – (US 10), 1X – (US 12), 2X – (US 14), 3X – (US 16), 4X – (US 18), 5X – (US 20), 6X – (US 22), design and look. The stylish abaya is attractive to look at and is suitable for wearing as the casual dress. The abaya gowns are gifts for the Muslims women.  

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 Size:XS to 6XL


In different Colours


Women Only

Special features are present in the abaya dress.

  • As for as the size is concerned, it is available ranging from XS to 6XL. The size chart is also available to consult before placing the order. The measurement details are given to choose your size and fitting.
  • One attractive kaftan is available in one pack.
  • The product is purely made of Chiffon and Georgette material with 100% high quality guarantee.
  • The material is light to lift and wear contains flowing style.
  • The high-quality fabric would be kept you fresh and burden free during hot hours and high humid conditions.

Product details

  • Item model number : MoVi20354-XS-Baby Pink
  • Department : Womens
  • Date First Available : November 30, 2019
  • ASIN : B082643JJ3
  • #4047731 in Women’s Shops
  • #205128 in Women’s Dresses

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