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Buy Women Front Open Abaya Jilbabs: Jilbab or jilbaab is an Arabic word which refers to the long and loose outfit gown or coat which is worn and put on by the Muslim women in the Islamic world. The jilbab is also called the Arabic or Islamic abaya. It is a kind of outer garment worn by women to conceal their bodies. The followers of the jilbab argue and believe that this abaya comes to match with the basic concept of hijb which is described in the holy Quran. Jilbab or jubbah is also called chador in the Persian language in the areas where Persian is spoken and understood. It is long and is used to cover the whole body.

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Along with this jilbab or Abaya Jilbabs, some women used to wear niqab to cover their face and gloves to cover their hands. Now a day, the women also use a short visor in order to save their face from the scorching heat of the sun. the importance of the jilbab is described in the Holy Quran:

O, Prophet! Tell your wives and daughter to wear the jilbab in the presence of the non-Muslim males and this is convenient that they should not appear before others and are not molested. And Allah is the most forgiver and Merciful.

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The verse from the Holy Quran clears the instruction regarding the wearing of the Abaya Jilbabs. Following the directions of the Holy Quran, the Muslim women wear the jilbab. This dress protects their body not only from the unknown but also from the dirt and other impurities.  Jilbab or hijab is the outer cover that covers the whole body of the woman. She is safe in the abaya from the outer filth and dirt. These abaya are found in different style, design and cutting according to the needs of the wearer and the traditions of the region and society.  

The following are the features that make the Abaya Jilbabs a special one for the women.

  • The jilbaab is imported from Afghanistan and Turkey.
  • The abaya is made with the lace patchwork beautifully.
  • It is 100% made of polyester with skilled hands and care.
  • It is suitable for all the seasons and all the weather conditions.
  • It has the open front and buttons are also present but are not visible.
  • It is to note that no hijab is attached with the abaya, it is without jibab.
  • It helps to conceal the beauty of the woman for someone who is special for you.
  • These are new and are embroidered with new style and design that the women should have in their collection.

The interesting woman should consult as early as possible. The stock is limited and the offer is also limited. Place the order to fetch the abaya of your own choice and design (niqab for sale, burka buy online, abaya boutique and burka buy online).  No compromise on the quality is our motto, just trust us and we would not disappoint you.  

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