Abayas- Buy Palestinian Abaya Embroidery

Abayas- Buy Palestinian Abaya Embroidery- Abaya is a kind of dress that is used by the women to cover their body’s curves. It is a kind of gown or upper dress. It is often loose and flowing. It gives the women freedom to move freely and without any hesitation. Abaya are often worn over the street garments. The advantage with the abaya is that it helps the women to go out of the houses in their casual dresses without the changing their casual dress. The abayas are very soft and light weight to put on. The advantage with the abayas is that it might slip over the chest. That is why it is considered proper for hiding the hidden parts of the body.  

Abayas Buy Palestinian Abaya Embroidery are not only the fashion of the today world but also the necessity for the women living in the in the Islamic societies. Abaya gowns are in fact the long robes which the women wear in order to protect their bodies from the lustful eyes of the men. Usually, the abayas are found in the Black and Red colour.  Although these colour are also in the fashion but the number of women who like the grey colour are less in number. The abaya dress is used as the covering dress that is worn over the proper dress and is often used when the women go outside the homes or to attend some king of formal business.

The abayas are often long and sleeveless but now there came the variety which has sleeves and upper part of scarf which is used to cover the face. The abayas are coming now from China and Japan which have front close with snaps, zippers and layers which overlap the dress and the usual garments.

It is also seen that sleeves are being made from the fabric which is the part of the abaya. Now they are stitched with the abaya and not separately prepared or stitched. This thing adds to the beauty of the abayas dress and the women wearing the abayas.

Most of the women are used to put on the abayas regularly. For these women, the abayas are best gift to purchase. They are made of special fabrics and machines in China and Japan



Black and Red Only

Department : 

  • Womens

Abayas are simple and straight forward when you look at it in the first sight but when you will come across variety of abayas in different designs and styles, you would love to have one piece. The recent style of abayas is made simply but the work of stick on them and painting of decoration make them look gorgeous and wonderful. Cuffs, necklines, front or back line are some of the qualities that would attract you towards buying it.

  • Work of embroidery is done with skill and expert.
  • All sizes are available in different busts and volume.
  • These abayas are prepared from the fabrics which are wrinkle free.

Product details

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
  • Department : Womens
  • Date First Available : July 7, 2016
  • #1755133 in Women’s Shops
  • #94401 in Women’s Dresses

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