Active and Passive Voice in English PDF Download

Active and Passive Voice in English PDF Download. Voice describes the relation between a verb and the subject and object that are associated with it.

  • The active voice is The subject an expression follows by the verb afterwards the object (e.g., “I Likes the Mangoes”).
  • Voice that is passive: it is the subject of the verb that is followed by the 3rd form of the verb (usually an expression consisting of “to become” plus past participle plus “by” or “by”) then it is followed by the object (e.g., “the cookies were eaten by the kids”). In the event that the verb’s subject not mentioned (e.g., “I likes the Mangoes”) it could create confusion over who was the one who took the action (did the children actually eat the cookies or did the dog that ate the cookies?).

Active and Passive Voice – Both the active and passive voice are both permitted both in Quranmualim Style. However, authors often use the passive voice.

  • Utilize your active voice in as often as you can to write clear short, concise, and clear sentences, particularly when writing about the actions of others.
  • Make use of to use the passive voice when it’s more important to concentrate on the intended recipient of an action, rather than the person who took the action like when talking about an experimentation setup.


The usage of the passive voice is a complex process that requires careful consideration and expertise. There aren’t any strict rules. Following these guidelines will assist writers to be more clear and more engaged when writing, while also accomplishing the goals they set out to achieve.

Make sure to use your voice in a strategic manner. Quranmualim suggests using the active voice to ensure clarity. The passive voice can be employed with care to reduce the emphasis on the subject as well as a way to change the sentence structure.

Therefore, it is best to write in the active voice however, you should consider the examples above and the various uses using the passive voice which could be beneficial to incorporate into your writing. Be certain that your reader is aware of who is doing the act that is being performed by the verb.

  • Present Indefinite Tense
  • Subject + Helping Verb + 3rd Form of Verb + By + Object
  • Present Continuous Tense
  • Subject + Helping Verb Being + 3rd Form of Verb + By + Object
  • Present Perfect Tense
  • Subject + Helping Verb been + 3rd Form of Verb + By + Object

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