All Common Expressions Worksheets Download

All Common Expressions Worksheets PDF Download. This page includes the worksheets for common phrases. In the worksheets, students work on commonly used expressions by finishing sentences. This section also has a city/country vocabulary worksheet, as well as an individual information template as well as dialogue. Click on an image to download a PDF of the worksheet. We hope you will find these useful. The Following Worksheets PDF Download

Likes and Dislikes Worksheet

Make sure you practice with “I love” as well as “I do not like”.

Common Expressions Worksheet 1

Learn to use a variety of common phrases in this workbook.

Common Expressions Worksheet 2

Try practicing using a variety of expressions in this workbook.

Common Expressions Worksheet 3

Learn to use a variety of common phrases using this exercise.

Role Play Dialogues Worksheet

Play with your role-playing friends with this worksheet.

Personal Information Template

Make sure you write your personal details using this template.

Personal Information Dialogue Worksheet

Make sure you share your personal details with this worksheet.

Personal Information Worksheet

Write your personal details using this worksheet.

Dates and Times Worksheet

Write down dates and times using this worksheet.

Community Landmarks Worksheet

Find out about the landmarks of your community on this PDF worksheet.

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This brief lesson filler will teach the most common social phrases that English users utilize in a variety of situations, such as be mindful blessing you or congratulations, a cheer and great luck, keep in forget and many more. The students practice the phrases through an activity that simulates role-play.

A list of all English lessons available for Early School Learners instructors and students in different categories, which include language, grammar commonly used expressions punctuation, idioms, synonyms, phrasal and phrasal verbs collocations, common errors on the part of English.

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Community Landmarks

Dates and Times

Dialogue Practice

Expressing Yourself 2

Expressing Yourself 3

Expressing Yourself

Likes and dislikes

Personal Information dialogue

Personal information

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