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Easy Arabic Grammar: Language is used as the means of communication and to express ones feelings and emotions to the other person. Languages vary with the region to region and area to area. Countless languages are spoken and understood in the world. But the grammar is universal and remains the same in all the languages except the few changes that might be present in the order of the parts of the speech. Arabic language is one of the oldest languages of the world. Form the prehistoric period till today, many changes have been occurred in pronunciation and the ascent but the underlying rules are the same. The rules of grammar govern the language and for some people, grammar seems difficult to grasp and understand. Some people easily grasp the grammar and are able to transfer their feelings and emotions not only in the spoken form but also in the written from. 

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Arabic grammar rules are not very difficult to understand. They can be easily grasped and followed if one has the basic knowledge and some comprehensive guide lines. The grammar is not a riddle but built on the solid grounds and can be easily grasped and applied in the daily conversation. To use the language in the day to day life and to give vent to ones expression, master in grammar is very necessary. The basic Arabic grammar is necessary to know for knowing the language and its application in the daily life. Easy Arabic grammar is the book that can prove handy and useful for learning the grammar as well as the language itself.   




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Easy Arabic grammar is a kind of reference book. It contains many references from the different authentic books to understand the grammar easily. You can say that it is work book also that contains many items for plenty of practice in the grammar. The book is best for the beginner to the intermediate level students who want to learn grammar for the examination purpose as well as the spoken purposes. The book is a complete guide for the language learners and grammar lovers.

The book gives clear structural explanation and activities for practice. It is a perfect guide for the learners of the formal learners and self teaching courses. The book is a valuable for the people living outside the Arab countries and who want to travel to Arab country for visit or business. It touches every corner of the language learning and grammar understanding.

The lover of Arabic grammar are suggested to have this book in their library as it will be of great help during the holy Quran recitation and prayers. To understand the holy Quran, one must have the basic knowledge of Arabic grammar and language

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