Buy Horizons in the Arabic Language Textbook: Level 5 الآفاق في اللغة العربية كتاب الطالب

Buy Horizons in the Arabic Language Volume 5: Leaning of the language is the most technical skill and this technique of learning as well as conveying in the said language comes through practice of the rules of that language. The Arabic language is the language of Islam and the Holy Quran.

The reciting and listening the Holy Quran is the sacred duty of the Muslims. It is ordained times and again in the teachings of the religion Islam that reciting the holy Quran smoothly, fluently and beautifully has great importance and it is promised that those who recite the holy Quran smoothly, beautifully and fluently would be included in the company of the noble and obedient. On the other hand, those who find difficulty in reciting the holy Quran and they recite it with difficulty, stammering or stumbling over the words and their pronunciation would be rewarded in double quantity.

The volume is improved form of the first volume and supplements the earlier editions and volumes. In his volume, the author has introduced many techniques and the parts of the grammar which were not included in the earlier volumes. On the whole the book provides the better glimpses of the Arabic language and its grammar for the new learners and the adults to get mastery over the language not only in terms of spoken form but also in the written form. The volume provides the easy way to learn the Arabic language. The best ways to learn the Arabic language is to consult the book in hand and Arabic study would become the smooth and easy for the learners.

Language Arabic , Paperback only. Arabic Language Textbook: Level 5 الآفاق في اللغة العربية كتاب الطالب

The main object of the author in writing the series is to make the learning process easy and smooth for the students as well as the fond learners of the language. Natural way of learning the language is to learn the way the child learns his mother tongue. It can be done by providing the learners the suitable and appropriate environment but along with the suitable environment, the grammar portion of the language comes through practice and learning and understanding the principles and rules of the grammar.

This process of learning the grammar becomes easy and enjoyable if some skilled and experienced person provides guidance to the learners. If such guidance is absent and unavailable for the learners, the learning process of grammar becomes just boring and difficult to understand. In this connection, the volume 5 of the buy horizon series would be reliable source and contains the required guidance for the beginners as well as the adult learners.

Writing skills are focused upon. Islamic poetry, haddith and ‘Surahs’ are studied. The tenses which are introduced in the textbook are covered, the masculine and feminine nouns and other grammatical concepts. Features: Arabic only Islamic themes. Various exercises. Handwriting practice. High-quality print with large font, easy to read. All these traits make the book very interesting and helpful for the learners of the Arabic language.

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