CLIMATEX 9A-110-27C-10 Runner, 27″ x10′ Floor mat, x 10′, Black

Floor Mat: Floor mats are the best among the domestic articles which are used in abundance in the different houses for keeping the floors of their homes neat and clean. These floor mats have variety of application and they have their different uses along with many advantages which they offer in keeping the houses in good condition and giving the sense of beauty and proportion.

The floor mats are also used in the cars on the floor of their cars in order to keep the dirt and waste from falling in the corners of the floor. These rubber floor rugs provide you protection of rusting the floor of the cars. These washable floor mats are waterproof floor mats which can easily be washed without the fear of being damaged or decay. These floor mats are also called the cheap floor mats as they have very price and can be replaced anytime without costing much from your pocket or income







These rain mats also give beautiful look to the decoration and arrangement of the houses.

  • In color, these floor mats are black and grey and have the adjustment according to your taste and style.
  • These floor mats including the rubber rugs are collected from the Climax brand which is a standard brand in dealing the floor mats.
  • These floor mats including rubber rugs and rain mats are made out of fine rubber which has the flexibility of maximum durability and there is no risk of breaking or tearing during the use. As made of fine rubber, no scratches are seen on the marble floor or other ceramic tiles. This quality makes it advantageous over other floor mats.  
  • These floor mats are durable and lasting in life but be cautious that they are hand washed only and should not use washing machine for their washing. Just wet them with water and use some surf and they are washed without any difficulty.
  • The size of the floor mats is 120 x 27 x 0.13 inches.
  • No use of polyester in the waterproof floor mats.
  • Weight of the floor mats is light and can easily be adjusted with quite ease and smoothly. Each item has the weight of 7.8 pounds.

They are available for purchase and are easily ordered by using your cell phone. Register your order and the mats would be at your door step. They would never disappoint you in quality, style and durability.

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