Daily Dua (Supplications) For Day 10 of Ramadan

Daily DuaRamadan (also known as Ramzan), the ninth month of the Islamic year is the most blessed month wherein Muslims attempt difficult to are seeking mercy and forgiveness from Allah (SWT). A month wherein Muslims are targeted on fasting, supplying unique prayers, reciting Qur’an, giving Sadaqah, reciting Duas & Tasbeeh.

And maximum of all… keep away from all forms of sinful acts and focus on incomes rewards as a good deal as possible. In this newsletter, you may learn about the Ramadan Dua for the primary 10 days to searching for the mercy of Allah (SWT).

Day 10 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumaj alni fihi minalmutawakilina alayka wajalni fihi minal faizina ladaykawajalni fihi minalmukarabina ilayka bihsan nikaya fayatatalibina

Meaning: Allah on this day make me, amongst folks who depend on you, from folks who you remember successful, and area me among folks that are close to you, with the aid of your want, O aim of the seekers.

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This Dua comes from Surah Al-Muminun, ayat no. 118. One of the quality Duas for the mercy of Allah (SWT) that may be recited for the duration of Ramadan.

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Ways To Seek Mercy From Allah On The First Ashra Of Ramadan

Daily Dua – Verily, Allah (SWT) is the maximum type closer to all His introduction, and the Most Merciful. Allah says within the Holy Qur’an, Surah al-A’raf ayat 56:

“And invoke Him in fear and aspiration. Indeed, the mercy of Allah is close to to the doers of desirable.”

The Mercy of Allah will most effective come to those whose coronary heart is pure with top intentions. Any form of evil mind or awful intentions can not be hidden from Allah, as He is aware of what’s in the person’s heart. So the Muslim need to be deserving to advantage Allah’s mercy.

If you’ve been questioning how can I be a meriting one… then maintain your movements & goal pure.

Below are among the great ways to are seeking Allah’s mercy.

  • Recite the Dua Rabbighfir Warham Wa Anta Khair-Ur-Raahimeen as much as viable throughout the first 10 days of Ramadan.
  • Show mercy to the human beings and obtain mercy from Allah in go back.
  • three.   Look after the poor and needy, assist them with food and money.
  • Remembering Allah every day – Fasting, supplying prayers on time (provide Tahajjud if viable), Qur’an recitation with which means, reciting Tasbeeh as tons as feasible.
  • While making Dua, make sure you name Allah by using His of the maximum stunning namesAr Rahmaan and Ar-Raheem.
  • Follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam).
  • Reciting Astaghfar and avoiding all the possible sinful acts.
  • Showing admire closer to own family, spouse and children, or strangers.
  • Arranging Iftar at domestic, for relatives, in a Masjid, or a poor own family.
  • Avoid backbiting, hurting all people’s emotions orally or bodily.
  • Avoid awful intentions or grudge towards a person.
  • Give charity (any amount of cash you can) and take part in Sadaqah Jariyah.

The superb woman of Islam passed away inside the 10th Hejira yr at the age of 65. She supported the Prophet (PBUH) in his challenge for 25 years sacrificing her existence and wealth. Her dying became a wonderful loss to the Prophet (PBUH).

Daily Dua – Her sorrowful loss of life befell 3 days after the death of Abu Talib, the notable and affectionate supporter of the Prophet (PBUH). The two deaths made the Prophet (PBUH) so sorrowful that he named that yr, i.E. Tenth Hegira yr, the “12 months of grief”‌. The grieving and crying Prophet (PBUH) buried the lifeless frame of Khadija in an area known as Hujun.

Day 10,Ramadan Dua for Day 10, ramadan mubarak meaning,mubarak ramadan meaning,ramadan mubarak 2022,what is ramadan mubarak,how to respond to ramadan mubarak, how to pronounce ramadan mubarak
Day 10,Ramadan Dua for Day 10, ramadan mubarak meaning,mubarak ramadan meaning,ramadan mubarak 2022,what is ramadan mubarak,how to respond to ramadan mubarak, how to pronounce ramadan mubarak
Day 10,Ramadan Dua for Day 10, ramadan mubarak meaning,mubarak ramadan meaning,ramadan mubarak 2022,what is ramadan mubarak,how to respond to ramadan mubarak, how to pronounce ramadan mubarak

Daily Dua – Here beneath we can have a look on the merits of the first-rate lady of Islam Hadrat Khadija (S.A):

1- Deep Insight

She was someone of deep insight and deliberation. Her sensible sagacity became best. This may be understood from deciding on the Prophet (PBUH) as her husband from among numerous rich businessmen suitors.

Hadrat Khadija (S.A) may want to see the brilliant destiny inside the face of the Prophet (PBUH). According to her, the thriller at the back of marriage with Muhammad (PBUH) earlier than his prophetic project become her deep hobby in Muhammad: “O my cousin, because of our kinship, your dignity and consider in your tribe, and your suitable distinctive feature and truthfulness I decided to marry you.”‌

The above observation suggests properly that the affection and inclination of the great lady of Islam toward Muhammad (PBUH) became no longer primarily based on cloth love and whims; as a substitute, it changed into based totally on a deep perception and understanding the precise personality of the Prophet of Islam.

Those lacking such an perception, like a collection of Quraysh girls, rebuked Hadrat Khadija (S.A) and stated: “With all prudence and magnificence she possesses, Khadija married the negative orphan of Abu Talib. What a grave disgrace!”‌ Hadrat Khadija (S.A), whose choice turned into primarily based on know-how, remained steadfast and answered:

“You women of Quraysh! I actually have heard your husbands [and you] rebuking me for marrying Muhammad (PBUH). Let me ask you a question. Is there any guy like Muhammad among your men? Can you find a man throughout Damascus, Mecca and the suburbs to be of excellent deed and creed, right-tempered and of notable persona like Muhammad? I even have married him for these values and I even have visible extra matters and behavior from him.”‌

Time exceeded, the Prophet (PBUH) gained repeated victories, Islam turned into progressing and Hadrat Khadija (S.A) gave start to kids like Hadrat Fatima Zahra (S.A), the eleven infallible Imams are her descendents. Therefore, Hadrat Khadija (S.A) must be popular for her choice and deep insight, even though she did now not stay enough to peer the fruit of her preference.

Hadrat Khadija (S.A) changed into very rich so that thousands of camels used to carry her products. A green silken pavilion became hoisted on the roof of her house as a signal of wealth, and a gesture for the poor to refer for help. Almost 400 servants worked for her.

2- Firm Faith

Daily Dua– The same deep perception that brought approximately the wedding of Hadrat Khadija (S.A) and Muhammad (PBUH), shed the light of Islam and faith upon her coronary heart, so that she gained the identify of the first Muslim female inside the history of Islam.

Ibn Abdul-Berr costs from Abi Rafe’ in his very own report that the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) performed prayers on Monday (the day he became appointed for prophetic undertaking) and Hadrat Khadija (S.A) carried out her prayers at the closing hours of the same day.1

Imam Ali (A.S) testified faith and Islam of Hadrat Khadija (S.A) this manner: “That day there was no residence with Islam in it except the house of the Prophet and Khadija and I became the third. I should see the light of revelation and prophetic task and experience the smell of prophethood in that house.”‌2

Hadrat Khadija (S.A) remained firmly faithful until the final second of her lifestyles. She devoted her lifestyles and assets to Islam in no way leaving the chief of Islam by myself in her lifetime.

3- Best Ladies of the Two Worlds

Four ladies are known to be the excellent ladies of the universe. Ibn Athir says Anas ibn Malik has quoted from the Prophet (PBUH) that the pleasant women of the universe are Mary, Asiyah, Khadija and Fatima.3

These four outstanding ladies, achieving the summit of spiritual perfection on this global, can be the exceptional girls of the Heaven too. Akramah quoted Ibn Abbas that when the Prophet of Islam said: “The excellent ladies of the Heaven are: Khadija daughter of Khuwaylid, Fatima daughter of Muhammad, Mary daughter of Imran, and Asiyah daughter of Muzahim and spouse of pharaoh.”‌four

4- Best Wife for the Prophet (PBUH)

Daily Dua – The Prophet of Islam had many better halves but they’d extraordinary ranks. Hadrat Khadija (S.A) obeyed the Prophet (PBUH) by all manner, sacrificed existence and assets for his challenge and received satisfaction of the Messenger of Allah, winning the great rank many of the Prophet’s better halves.

The late Sheikh Sadouq quoted from Imam Sadiq (A.S) who stated: “The Prophet of Islam married 15 women the exceptional of whom became Khadija daughter of Khuwaylid.Five

5- Mother of Hadrat Zahra (S.A)

Daily Dua – According to Qur’anic textual content, the Prophet’s better halves are mothers of the believers: “His [the Prophet’s] better halves are mothers of the believers.”6 And Hadrat Khadija (S.A) is the best proof for this verse. Such bliss was granted to Hadrat Khadija (S.A) among all other wives and the 11 Imams had been her descendents via Hadrat Fatima Zahra (S.A). Great worthiness and expertise are had to win this kind of rank for a girl.

Zahra (S.A) enjoys a pinnacle rank amongst all youngsters of Hadrat Muhammad (PBUH) because she is infallible on one facet and on the other facet, Imamate or Islamic leadership persisted via her generation.7

5- Unparalleled Generosity and Donation

Daily Dua – Hadrat Khadija’s wealth turned into proverbial many of the public of her time. Her wealth changed into so tremendous that famend and exceptional rich along with Abu Jahl and Aqabat ibn Abi Mohit had been petty traders before her. Historians have recorded her wealth as follows:

  • Thousands of camels carried her merchandise.
  • A inexperienced silken pavilion turned into hoisted on the roof of her house as a sign of wealth, and a gesture for the bad to refer for help.

3- Almost 4 hundred servants worked for her.8

After marriage with the Prophet (PBUH) Khadija gave all her wealth to Muhammad (PBUH) and said: “My house is yours and I am your servant.”nine

After the wedding of Khadija and making Muhammad a partner in her wealth, her uncle Varaghat ibn Nofel went to Kaba, stood in among Zamzam and Ibrahim’s region, addressing the humans stated: “You Arabs! Know that Khadija calls you to undergo witness that she has donated all her wealth together with the servants and maidens, homes, farm animals, dowries and all her presents to Muhammad (PBUH) and Muhammad (PBUH) has general all of them. This donation is due to Khadija’s affection towards Muhammad (PBUH). Today, you stand witness for this.”‌10

And the Prophet of Islam spent all this wealth for advancement of Islam and its goals. In this connection, he stated: “No wealth raised greater advantages for me than Khadija’s wealth.”‌eleven

6- Unparalleled Patience

Daily Dua – A person like Khadija, who had grown up in wealth, must have been pampered and infirm, but after her marriage with the Prophet (PBUH) she turned into prepared to tolerate all hardships. Tolerating pressures via the Quraysh infidels, rebukes through the loved ones and economic embargo at She’b Abi Talib stricken her very lots at her old age (sixty three-sixty five) however she manifested brilliant patience.

Bent al-Shati stated: “Khadija changed into now not younger enough to easily tolerate those hardships. She turned into not someone to enjoy hard livelihood in her younger life, but she controlled to tolerate all hardships on the siege to her loss of life.”‌12

Ali turned into Muhammad’s brother and one of the most cherished humans to him and to Khadija. She sent aids to Abu Talib’s residence every day.

8- Supporter of Prophetic Mission and Lover of Imamate

Four ladies have received spiritual perfection in this world and they’re called the best ladies of the universe: Asiyah, Mary, Khadija and Fatima. All of them have supported and obeyed leaders and Imams of their time. Asiyah supported management and prophetic mission of Moses until her dying, Mary tolerated pains and accusations to reinforce pillars of prophetic venture of Jesus Christ, Fatima Zahra supported and defended Imam Ali until her martyrdom.

But Khadija turned into some of the actual supporters of the prophetic undertaking. She gave all her existence and property to Muhammad (PBUH) for his prophetic undertaking. She too, changed into a fantastic supporter, lover and partner of prophetic mission and Islamic management.

When Adam checked out the marital life of Muhammad (PBUH) and Khadija (S.A) in the Heaven, he said: “One of Muhammad’s superiorities over me is that his wife cooperated with him in implementation of the commandment of God whilst my wife endorsed me to disobey God.”‌thirteen

The late Majlesi wrote on affection and amity of Khadija in the direction of Imam Ali (A.S): “After the marriage of the Prophet (PBUH) and Khadija (S.A) [and the birth of Imam Ali (A.S)], the Prophet (PBUH) requested her to show affection and amity in the direction of Ali and Khadija did it to a extremely good deal. She used to send cloths, earrings, servants, and many others. To Ali by means of her servants so that humans used to say, Ali is Muhammad’s brother and one of the maximum cherished humans to him and to Khadija. She sent aids to Abu Talib’s residence each day.”14

After the beginning of Fatima Zahra (S.A), Khadija became more familiar with Islamic management. This is due to the fact her daughter Zahra after beginning bore witness to monotheism and prophetic venture by using pronouncing: “Truly my husband is master of the believers and my kids are masters and leaders of the offspring of the Prophet.”‌ Hadrat Khadija had brazenly normal management of Imam Ali (A.S) and his kids on the time his Imamate changed into but to be introduced.15

The overdue Mahallati, quoting Majlesi said: “One day the Prophet (PBUH) despatched for Khadija and told her: This is Gabriel (Jibril) who says there are conditions to embrace Islam: First, confessing to oneness of God; 2nd, confessing to prophetic undertaking of the messengers; 1/3, confession to the Day of Resurrection and staring at the guidelines of Islamic Law; and fourth, obeying the prophets and Imams [Ali] and their offspring and taking distance from their enemies.”‌ Khadija confessed all and acted upon his orders.16

In reference to Imamate of Ali (A.S), the Prophet (PBUH) informed Khadija that Ali may be your lord and the lord of all believers and their Imam after my loss of life. He then placed his hand on Ali’s head and Khadija positioned her hand on Muhammad’s hand and proved her loyalty to Islamic leadership after the Prophet (PBUH).17

9- Mutual Love and Affection

Khadija’s love and affection to Muhammad become no longer unilateral. It became bilateral. This reality became referred to inside the wedding ceremony by means of Abu Talib: “Khadija and Muhammad love every other.”‌

Daily Dua – As such Khadija had become inquisitive about Muhammad upon her deep perception, the Prophet (PBUH) too, had determined her deserving to be his wife. She became a widow reportedly 15 years older than the Prophet (PBUH) however Muhammad (PBUH) located her more deserving than any other female, married her and revered her for the duration of her life.

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