Daily Dua (Supplications) For Day 3 of Ramadan

Daily DuaRamadan is a month of fasting and abstaining from things taken into consideration to be impure for the mind and frame. Those engaging in Ramadan abstain from meals, drink and impure thoughts between the hours of sunrise (Fajr) and sunset, permitting them rather to focus on prayer and connecting with Allah (SWT).

The act of fasting permits the person to apprehend the ache and struggling of thousands and thousands around the world who live their lives in poverty and famine, leaving the participant feeling more grounded and thankful for all that Allah (SWT) has given them. At the near of the month, Zakat donations throughout Ramadan are made after which Eid al-Fitr is widely known with cherished ones. Eid is a extraordinary time of feasting and birthday celebration for Muslims, with gifts exchanged among cherished ones.

Ramadan Dua Day three

Transliteration: Allahumar zukani fihizzih nawat tabiha wabaidnifihi minsafahati watawihi wajaali nafsiban minkuli khairin tunzilu fihi bijudka ya ajwadal ajwadina

Translation: “Allah on this day grant me know-how and consciousness; maintain me faraway from foolishness and pretension, supply me a percentage in every blessing you ship down, by way of your generosity, or the most beneficiant.”

Dua for Opening Your Fast (At Suhoor)

Transliteration: Wa bisawmi ghadinn nawaiytu min shahri ramadan.

Translation: “I intend to maintain the short for tomorrow in the month of Ramadan.”

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What Are the three Stages of Ramadan?

Daily Dua – According to Islamic narrations, Allah SWT has divided the sacred month of Ramadan into three tiers or Ashras, this means that “ten days” in Arabic. The first degree of Ramadan is known as Ashra-e-Rehmat.

The second degree of Ramadan is called Ashra-e-Maghfirat and the 0.33 degree is called Ashra-e-Nijat. Each such a Ashras has a unique dua that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has informed the Muslims to recite as a good deal as feasible. 

The Messenger (PBUH) of Allah SWT said: “It (Ramadan) is the month, whose starting is mercy, its middle, forgiveness and its quit, emancipation from the hearth (of hell).” (Sahih Ibn Khuzaymah, Hadith No. 1887)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated, “And on this month, 4 stuff you must endeavour to perform in awesome number; two of which shall be to delight your Lord, at the same time as the other shall be the ones without that you cannot make do.

Daily Dua Those which will be to please your Lord, are that you ought to in first-rate quantity recite the Kalimah Ṭayyibah: Lā ilāha illallāh, and make an awful lot ‘Istighfār’ (beg Allāh’s Forgiveness). And as for those without which you can’t make do, you need to beg Allāh for entry into Jannah and are searching for safe haven with Him from the fire of Jahannam.” (Sahih Ibn Khuzaymah)

Day 3,Ramadan Dua for Day 3, ramadan kareem, ramadan kareem meaning
meaning of ramadan kareem, ramadan kareem 2022, what does ramadan kareem mean, ramadan kareem
Day 3,Ramadan Dua for Day 3, ramadan kareem, ramadan kareem meaning
meaning of ramadan kareem, ramadan kareem 2022, what does ramadan kareem mean, ramadan kareem
Stage 1 – Ashra-e-Rehmat (Mercy)

The first ten days of the Holy month of Ramadan (01 Ramadan to ten Ramadan) are the days of advantages and Mercy. Therefore, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has suggested each Muslim to searching for the advantages and mercy of Allah SWT in the sacred Ashra of Rehmat. 

Dua for the First Ashra

Transliteration: Rabbighfir warham wa anta khair-ur-raahimeen.

Translation: “O! My Lord forgive and have Mercy and You are the Best of Merciful.”

Stage 2 – Ashra-e-Maghfirat (Forgiveness)

The 2nd degree of Ramadan includes the next ten days from 11 Ramadan until 20 Ramadan. It is called Ashra-e-Maghrifat. This Ashra is all about searching for forgiveness from Allah SWT and repenting for sins even as preserving in mind that He (SWT) is the most merciful.

The Messenger (PBUH) of Allah SWT informed his Ummah that Ashra-e-Maghfirat is a time whilst Allah Almighty is most forgiving and all you need to do is ask for His forgiveness.  

Allah SWT inside the Holy Quran says, “And hasten to forgiveness from your Lord, and a garden the extensiveness of that’s the heavens and the earth, prepared for individuals who defend against evil.” (Holy Quran, 3:132)

“Will they now not turn to Allah and are looking for his forgiveness? And Allah is oft-forgiving, merciful.” (Holy Quran, five:seventy four)

Dua for the Second Ashra

Transliteration: Astagfirullaha Rab – Bi Min Kulli Zambi Wa Atoobu Ilayhi.

Translation: I seek forgiveness from Allah, my Lord, from every sin I devoted.

Stage 3 – Ashra-e-Nijat (Seek Refuge)

The 1/3 degree of Ramadan, also referred to as Ashra-e-Nijat, spans the twenty first till the 29th or thirtieth of the month. ‘Niyat’ is an Arabic word which means “safety from the Hell hearth.” Being the most sizeable ten days of the Islamic calendar, it’s far believed that the “Night of Power” (Laylatul Qadr) resides inside the 0.33 Ashra.

According to Islamic narrations, it turned into the night time when Allah SWT found out the Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) via Angel Jibreel (AS). Therefore, to maximise their prayers, Muslims additionally practice Itikaf (seclusion) in Ashra-e-Nijat.

Daily Dua – Allah SWT inside the Holy Quran says, “We despatched it (Quran) down on a blessed Night. Verily, We are ever caution. Therein (in that Night) is decreed each count of ordainment. Amran (i.E. A command or this Quran or His Decree of every count number) from Us. Verily, We are ever sending (the Messenger) (As) a Mercy out of your Lord.” [Holy Quran 44: 3-6]

Dua for the Third Ashra

 اَللَّهُمَّ أَجِرْنِي مِنَ النَّارِ 

  • Transliteration: Allahuma Ajirni minan naar.
  • Translation: “O Allah, store me from the fire (Jahannam).”
Day 3,Ramadan Dua for Day 3, ramadan kareem, ramadan kareem meaning
meaning of ramadan kareem, ramadan kareem 2022, what does ramadan kareem mean, ramadan kareem
Summary – Ramadan Duas

The sacred month of Ramadan presents one with an amazing opportunity to are seeking for forgiveness from Allah SWT and make fantastic modifications inside oneself.

During the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims global intention to carry out right deeds which includes fasting, praying, giving charity (zakat) and helping others for you to attain the highest degree of reward and blessings from the Almighty.

Reciting the aforementioned Ramadan duas will help one get towards Allah SWT and help them live a righteous existence and turn out to be better humans.

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