11 Best Preschool Free IQ Tests for Kids

When dad and mom want to have the intelligence of their toddler decided, frequently it is because the kid appears to have a completely low or a very high intelligence. 

For all other instances, the regular faculty checks and progress tests will typically suffice.

As an IQ take a look at for youngsters is best vital in special circumstances, the pursuits of the people involved have a tendency to be large.

Does the kid require unique training? Is the child rather proficient and is remedial coaching needed? This kind of findings could have some distance-reaching consequences.

That is why for now free on line intelligence exams for youngsters aren’t to be had. Because of the potential effect, this type of check have to be taken below unique steerage and managed circumstances.

You nevertheless need to recognise approximately your baby’s intelligence?

Of course there are simpler methods to get to a higher know-how of a baby’s intelligence than taking a comprehensive IQ check for children.

You can try to asses how easily (and fast) a toddler solves logical issues or perceives similarities among one of a kind situations. This can offer robust symptoms, even though it is not standardized and objective.

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If you need a more complete assessment of your toddler’s intelligence, have an amazing psychologist or educationalist, in session with the kid’s faculty, take an IQ check for children.

11 Best Free Online IQ Tests for Kids

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1- Free-IQ Test.Net

What is alternatively interesting approximately this IQ take a look at from Free-IQTest.Net is that the questions can vary in step with the taker’s age. It will ask you to enter your birthday first, and will then pick out the right set of questions for you.

After taking the take a look at, you may obtain your effects right away. The website may even offer you with a link in which you can see what your score means.

On the identical page, you may be given an HTML code that you can copy and insert into your blog, page, or online resume.

This serves as a badge for your profile, and you can additionally percentage it along with your pals and colleagues. If you aren’t satisfied with the outcomes, you can take another IQ check with a different set of questions.

2. Brain Metrix

This unfastened IQ take a look at from Brain Metrix consists of 20 a couple of-choice questions. It only takes round 15 to 20 minutes to complete, so your youngsters shouldn’t feel beaten. You must make certain, but, that they are relaxed and calm before starting.

Once your baby is executed, just click on on the “put up” button and the site will provide your rating and a proof of it.

Note that this check does now not degree real intelligence, so in case your youngster receives a low score, that doesn’t robotically imply that they’re mentally lacking. Instead, it measures your children’s cutting-edge degree of information.

3. See My Personality

This on line IQ test from See My Personality contains several sections, inclusive of memory, analytical questioning, logical reasoning, spatial popularity, and different measures of intelligence.

Similar to different IQ tests, it does now not seek to measure the quantity of understanding you have got. Rather, it pursuits to find out your brain’s capability to analyse.

See My Personality also gives methods to enhance your intelligence quotient if you want to achieve this. It also explains how your IQ can play a vast position for your fulfilment, and how it is able to end up a predictor of your conduct as existence progresses.

4. Free IQTest.Info

What we adore about this IQ check web page on Free IQTest.Info is that it is straightforward, easy, and smooth. It is also unfastened, and does not require a subscription in order to get your scores.

 After completion, it’ll display your outcomes, consisting of your grade, category, and the way long it took you to finish the take a look at. It can even provide you with an HTML code that you may use to expose your IQ to your blog profile.

There are 20 questions included in this take a look at and they’re based on the WAIS IQ score formula.

Time is critical, as it will reflect in your very last score, however don’t allow that stress you. Furthermore, the results are nameless, so you are ensured that your scores can be confidential.

5. Memorado

IQ check is smooth and simple. We notably endorse it for children for the reason that questions are not that hard for them, but they are additionally now not so clean as to be taken into consideration beside the point.

The website is likewise very easy to navigate, so your children may have an easy time the use of it.

The web site calls itself a “fitness center for the brain,” and offer extra than just checks and quizzes. It additionally capabilities games and training gadgets that can help you attain your intelligence goals.

If you wish to educate your brain (and your kids’ brains) and enhance your intellectual capacity, this is a brilliant site to test out.

6. Test Yourself

Test Yourself via PsychTests is a mixture of an intelligence check and a persona take a look at. You want to reply the intelligence quotient component first. Next, you answer a few fundamental questions on your gender, date of beginning, stage of training, and so forth.

Finally, you will offer answers about how you cost your self in terms of academic performance, work performance, and so forth.

There also are questions on disabilities and in capacities. If you are recognised as a person with a disability, you may want to answer actual so that it will get correct consequences.

Once completed, you will be sent to a web page in which you may find your popular average and IQ outcomes. If you need a detailed and customised document, you will need to buy it for $6.59.

7. IQ Test Prep

The IQ Test Prep website has a disclaimer that this unfastened IQ take a look at does now not offer a numerical IQ rating. It handiest gives a desk of ways your score compares to the average test taker.

The web page additionally has a paid IQ test if you really need to check your intelligence quotient and receive a numerical score.

We like this IQ take a look at page due to the fact it’s far neat and clean. Children may have an clean time navigating the web site and answering the questions.

If your youngsters want to retake the test for some purpose, they could continually accomplish that. You can even view an appropriate answers to the questions they ignored and speak them with your children over a snack.

8. 123 Test

123 Test offers types of IQ exams. One is the “Culture Fair Intelligence Test” and the other is the “Classical Intelligence Test.” The main difference between the 2 is that the Culture Fairis licensed, at the same time as the Classicalis no longer. Likewise, Culture Fairis mainly designed for non-English natives, whilst Classicalis most suitable for native audio system.

Your children can take both checks for free. Once completed, they’ll be brought about to indicate their gender, age, u . S . A ., and schooling level.

These information are essential for the gadget to compute and analyze the ratings. After filing, the consequences can be shown in conjunction with the appropriate solutions for each of the questions within the test.

9. Testometrika

IQ take a look at in particular caters to youngsters who are 7 to 16 years old. It includes 36 questions that concentrate on intellectual readability and summary reasoning.

Children are proven a chain of pix which can be organised in a specific pattern, then they want to discern out what the next photo have to be.

Final questions are about the child’s age and gender. These are vital elements to determine the kid’s IQ, so it’s far essential to answer them. Once carried out, your kid’s score and consequences can be furnished, with an illustration of the child’s want for assist (if any exists).

10. Fun Education

Fun Education’s IQ check consists of 201 questions which can be divided into numerous classes. According to the website online, it’s far an “adaptive check,” which means that the primary few questions are smooth after which they get more difficult as you proceed.

Being adaptive, the extent of problem of the succeeding questions depends on the correctness of the questions the kid has already replied.

The site suggests that this particular IQ check is most suitable for youngsters 6 to sixteen years vintage. It takes around forty to 60 minutes to finish, however your infant doesn’t want to complete it in a single sitting. There isn’t any time limit, and youngsters are allowed to take it on their very own terms.

11. Psycho-Tests

This IQ take a look at from Psycho-Tests takes round 25 to half-hour to finish. It is in particular designed for children who’re 7 to eight years old and checks their spatial thinking, mathematical capabilities, and wellknown studying competencies.

It ambitions to assist kids attain their maximum capacity and help dad and mom and teachers help their kids thus. The take a look at does now not discriminate among suitable and horrific college students.

Special knowledge isn’t wished for this check, because it simplest measures how an awful lot the child is aware of and what sort of ability they ought to analyze.


Before figuring out the way to control your kids’s education, it is a great concept to test their IQ.

If your youngster gets a low score, that doesn’t routinely mean that they may be not wise. The end result most effective shows what your kids need to help them enjoy the gaining knowledge of process and have a look at without feeling unduly forced.

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Questions & Answers

Q: What is an IQ test for kids?

A: An IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test for kids is a standardised test that measures a child’s cognitive abilities, including their problem-solving, reasoning, and spatial skills.

Q: At what age can kids take IQ tests?

A: Children as young as 4 years old can take IQ tests, but it is recommended to wait until they are at least 6 years old when they have developed some foundational skills such as reading, writing, and basic math.

Q: What is a good IQ score for a child?

A: The average IQ score is 100, so a score of 100 is considered average. A score above 130 is considered gifted, while a score below 70 may indicate intellectual disability.

Q: What are some popular IQ tests for kids?

A: Some popular IQ tests for kids include the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, and the CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test).

Q: What are the benefits of taking an IQ test for kids?

A: IQ tests can help identify a child’s strengths and weaknesses, and may assist in developing strategies to enhance their learning and academic performance. They can also help identify gifted children who may benefit from enrichment programs.

Q: Are IQ tests for kids reliable?

A: While IQ tests are standardise and designed to be reliable, they are not perfect measures of intelligence. They may be influenced by factors such as test anxiety, cultural background, and socio-economic status.

Q: Should parents tell their children their IQ scores?

A: It is up to the parents to decide whether or not to share their child’s IQ score. Some parents believe that knowing their IQ can motivate their child to achieve their potential, while others believe that it may create unnecessary pressure or negatively impact their self-esteem.

Q: Can IQ scores change over time?

A: Yes, IQ scores can change over time. They are not fixed and can be influenced by various factors such as education, experience, and lifestyle. However, significant changes in IQ scores are not common.

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