Importance of Teaching Quran To Kids

Importance of Teaching Quran to Kids – Kids are the real assets of a family and parents are the ones who are responsible for watering these tiny flowers with correct and accurate knowledge of Quran. If children are guided properly from the early years about the right and wrong that the Quran teaches, they will surely lead the Ummah when they are mature enough!

8 Reasons Why teaching Quran to kids is Important

Today we are going to enlighten you about the importance of teaching Quran to your kids. As parents, teachers, and elder siblings we all must work diligently to let kids get full benefits.

1- It connects with Allah

The first and foremost importance of Introducing Quran to kids is to connect them to Allah who is Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem. The love and affection Allah has for children is indescribable. If you start telling them about His mercy, compassion, and care, they will develop a bond with Him and will feel the responsibility of being accountable.

2- Opens the doors of rewards

The earlier you start teaching toddlers about Islam and the Quran, the more chances they will have to get rewards. Whether they read, recite, memorize, and try to learn duas and supplications out of Love for Allah, they will be rewarded manifold. So it is necessary to enroll kids in online quran classes for kids where they can learn t understand Quran under the guidance of professional Quran tutors. Each of the above tasks holds different rewards.

  • Reading one word gives 10 rewards
  • Reciting Verses holds separate rewards
  • Memorizing Verses will lead to the stairs of the heavens and a high-rise lodging.
3- Guides about the proper way of living

As Muslims, we know that Islam is a religion based on Fitrah (nature). Everything in it is pure and logical. If you teach the Quran to kids, they will understand the difference between halal and haraam, good and evil, truth and make-believe, and right and wrong. 

Let’s compare the kids who are unaware of the Quran’s teachings to those who are aware. There is a sea of differences. As Allah also tells us in the Quran, 

“Are Those who know equal to those who know not?”

4- Clarifies about the mission as a Muslim

This life is temporary and we are here for a reason. Do not let your kids grow up to believe in the Big Bang theory or polytheism. Instead, be a concerned parent and properly teach them the Quran. Starting from the basic reading, tajweed, translation through stories, and then Hifz of the entire Quran or any portion. During this teaching, you have to train their little minds to ask questions about existence, their responsibility as a Muslim child, their duty as a leader, etc

For instance:

When you teach them Surah Al-Humazah, tell them what Allah doesn’t expect from them:

  • Backbiting/ mockery
  • Love for this world
  • Love for wealth etc.

Plan a mind map for each verse you teach, and build up your kid’s character perfectly and consciously to let them avoid what doesn’t matter at all.

5- Develop love for Prophets and companions

If you have successfully lit up the spark in their hearts to know about Prophet Muhammad SAWW and other prophets, then they will not only learn Seerah but also follow the footprints. The question here is how to light that spark.

✔️ narrate biography of the prophets

✔️ tell interesting stories from their lives

✔️ explain how they have behaved in specific situations, etc 

6- Makes mindful of sins

As soon as they are out of their toddler’s age, start telling them about accountability for sins. Let them be aware of the fine lines between do’s and don’ts. Kids who are not stopped from lying in their early years, tend to lie for the whole of their life. So, do not be oblivious and guide your children correctly. You can tell them about people whom Allah and Rasool SAWW do not like. 

Every teaching and guidance needs a proper schedule. Be careful to use nice words when you are talking about punishment and the Wrath of Allah. Because one wrong selection of words can leave non erasebale mark on the image they have created about Allah. 

7- Encourages to memorize verses

Another importance of teaching the Quran to kids is that it brings benefits when memorized. Encourage your children to hifz some verses, surahs, Juz, or even the entire Quran. Tell them the importance of memorizing and keeping the verses in their hearts forever. They will be given a separate status among the dwellers of the heavens. Also, the more they will understand and learn the Quran, that will bring rewards for parents as well.

8- Develops love For the religion

All these points will surely help in developing a love for Islam and the Quran. If as parents, teachers, and elder siblings you can evolve love and respect for the religion, it means you are successful. You have planted and grown an amazing plant that will spread shadow to others. 

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Be mindful that kids observe and learn fast. You have to sow the seeds properly and then reap the best version of them. The more efficiently you introduce the Quran, Isalm, Allah, and Prophets, the better results you will get in the form of Love, affection, and respect from them.

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