Islamic Relief’s Approach: Understanding the Reasons Behind Not Adopting a 100% Donation Policy

Islamic Relief – Transparency Unveiled – Exploring the Strategic Considerations that Shape Islamic Relief’s Charitable Contribution Model”

Muslims have been taught goodness is rewarded in abundance. Being kind to others, building relationships with the Qur’an Ibadah (worship), and donating are greatly appreciated. If done with genuine intention, they can reap a lot of rewards.

In the year 2018 in 2018, the Muslim Charities Forum (MCF) published a report on “giving to the Muslim community. It concluded that PS130 million was given to charity by British Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan in the sole month of Ramadan.! We truly are a community of generosity, Alhamdulillah.

Every year, Muslims gather to give their hard-earned cash to those in need and then confront a problem with the ‘100% donation policy’. There is a lot of misinformation concerning your valuable donation.

A “100% donation policy” with no admin fees is a strategy employed by some charities to suggest that 100 per cent of the donation total goes directly to those in need. This is the best option if you compare it to charities that are open about their administrative charges. It’s not surprising that many might need clarification on the ethical implications of their donation.

When you donate to an organization, there are a few important questions to ask yourself about how much you give:
  • If 100 per cent of my donation goes directly to those in need but does not cover the cost of any method necessary to make it happen, what means are the charities able to cover their costs?
  • Are the charities promoting a 100 100% donation policy clear regarding how they’re covering their administration expenses?

Any organization that does life-saving tasks uses the appropriate tools to achieve its goals, whether through personnel, vehicles, or buildings. All of these cost money. This is why the idea of a 100 per cent donation policy will not work and is why we urge our donors, in addition to others, to concentrate on the question of “How efficiently can my donation be used?”.

We’re here to give additional information about what happens to your donations when you give towards Islamic Relief, why we don’t have a 100 100% donation policy, the reasons why it’s not feasible, and the reason our administrative charges are among the most effective tools available to serve the communities that are at the core of our mission!

Islamic Relief's Approach: Understanding the Reasons Behind Not Adopting a 100% Donation Policy, Zakat, Charity, Beliefs, Faith, Pillar of Islam
Five reasons why admin fees are important and powerful to those who need them:

It is expensive to assist those who are in need:

Islamic Relief are fortunate to be able to offer assistance to millions of people in more than forty countries in the years since. We are often working in remote regions of the world. We have to work in war zones or following the effects of natural disasters to assist people in need.

Administration fees assist in distributing our aid to the people on the ground. They pay for essential expenses for conducting needs assessments to make sure the aid we provide is needed and appropriate, the cost of fuel for vehicles to transport aid and office rent in local offices, salary for staff, and the expenses of volunteers who aid in the delivery of our life-saving interventions. They also pay for the cost of evaluating and monitoring the impact of our efforts. Without administrative support, our work would not be feasible.

It allows us to utilize your contribution in the best way that is possible:

For each PS1 you donate towards Islamic Relief, 4p is used to pay administrative expenses. Even though it’s not much, it has a huge influence on how we utilize our money as efficiently as possible. With your contribution, the additional 9p is put into our work to raise funds to help those in need.

This part of your donation is used carefully and efficiently to enable groundbreaking fundraising efforts. With each PS1 spent, we can generate PS10 plus, allowing us to continue providing more assistance. The rest of your PS1 donation (87p!) will go to our life-saving efforts.

From 1984 to the present, your generous contributions have transformed and saved more than 120 million people’s lives. We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without your help, and we’re accountable to you for each spent penny.

The future of Admin fees:

You’re contributing to Islamic Relief to build a better future for needy people. In addition to assisting, Islamic Relief fights for communities that are most vulnerable and works to influence change. It also campaigns on climate change, which has devastated communities across the world’s south, as we witnessed in 2022 when we witnessed the Pakistan floods.

The admin costs you pay are not being used to fund Band-Aid solutions. The thought leadership that is required to build life-saving sustainable micro dams in Mali that harvest rainwater to increase access to water and provide better livelihoods for those who are in need is the same thought leadership that is required to counteract the negative effects of global issues that address the main factors that cause poverty and inequality all over the world.

Administrative costs are an Islamically valid cost:

Zakat, one of the five pillars of Islam, is a type of charity with strict guidelines regarding the qualifications of the donor and the person who receives it. The effect of this obligatory kind of charity is immense and could help end poverty worldwide.

In His intelligence, Allah (SWT) decreed that one of the eight individuals qualified to be granted Zakat is the administrator of Zakat and the al ‘amilina al-alayha.

Islamic Relief has enlisted the assistance of prominent experts to form the independent Zakat Advisory Board, appoinhasto oversee and revise Islamic Relief’s Zakat policy. They will verify that the Zakat is distributed Zakat to Islamic Relief and ensure that your donation is the righteous method of giving.

It’s what we do and our life.

Alhamdullilah Since 1984, Islamic Relief has had the honour of welcoming generations of dedicated and hardworking volunteers to assist us in serving the world’s most vulnerable population. Without the help of our staff, volunteers and generous donors, we wouldn’t be able to carry out the life-saving work we accomplish.

Volunteers who volunteer their time and energy to help us with our mission, Islamic Relief covers their essential expenses. Our staff members work tirelessly to ensure that volunteer efforts are well-supported and make a worldwide impact we can achieve to aid us in our aim of ending poverty.

As a company, we must ensure our employees’ capacity to support us in our objectives, so we pay them a wage. Many who work in the third sector regard their jobs as an opportunity to assist people in need; they’d only be able to fulfil their mission if they could pay the living costs.

It is also crucial to consider the extraordinary skills of our staff members, who provide cutting-edge work and solutions to ever-more complex problems around the globe. Our staff’s expertise allows us to provide innovative solutions to Bangladesh, such as harvesting rainwater to ensure communities can access clean water.

The concept of localization is crucial to us. That’s why most of our staff members are from within the regions and communities we serve so that we can be aware of the religious and cultural needs of the people in need. Since our staff members are local to our areas, they understand what’s needed in the field. They can assist in ensuring that we are reaching the most people we can, even in regions with difficult access, such as Yemen or Gaza.

The effects of poverty affect a lot of vulnerable people all over the world. Islamic Relief will continue to prioritize the most vulnerable every time, and to achieve this, we require your help. Transparency regarding our administration expenses is a crucial element of our relationship with our faithful donors. The responsibility lies with the people in need and towards you as our faithful donors. Thank you.

Give your Zakat as well as Sadaqah and save lives.

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