Little Tommy Tucker Nursery Rhyme PDF Download

Little Tommy Tucker Nursery Rhyme PDF Download. All ages can enjoy these must-read books, from picture books to graphic novels to fantasy and family fun. Some books are cultural touchstones and should be in every child’s library—some open children’s eyes to other cultures.

Some are new releases that still have the classic quality passed down from generation to generation. These books are surefire favorites for reluctant readers and avid bookworms. We’ve also included some titles rated best for children aged 12 and above. Check out our Best Books Series or Best Books Series for Early Readers for more great choices. 

The Nursery Rhymes Collections 1 – 4 contain 277 songs for children. The double CD albums feature the best quality children’s music with an average playing time of over 10 hours.

Little Tommy Tucker
He sang at his supper.
For what purpose did he sing?
White bread and butter are better.
He can’t even use a knife to cut it.
He can’t marry without a wife.

Words and Music: Traditional
Arrangement: Ian J Watts/Mike Wilbury

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