Modoo Chicken And Noodle Bar Halal

Modoo Chicken And Noodle Bar Halal – Ramen noodles, crafted from flour, are naturally halal, but finding a restaurant that serves halal ramen may be tough.

This is because maximum ramen broths are made with meat, which isn’t constantly halal. Don’t worry, although – we’ve got you covered!

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to an extremely good halal ramen eating place in New York City.

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  • Halal Ramen Restaurants in NYC
  • Modoo Chicken and Noodle Bar
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Ramen in NYC: A Halal Alternative
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Halal Ramen Restaurants in NYC
1. Modoo Chicken and Noodle Bar
What Customers Like approximately Modoo Chicken and Noodle Bar
  • Mouthwatering Spicy Beef Ramen.
  • Wide sort of flavorful halal Korean and Japanese dishes in a comfy ecosystem.
  • Impeccable provider from pleasant, attentive personnel.

Modoo Chicken And Noodle Bar Halal – Located in New York City, Modoo Chicken and Noodle Bar is a popular spot for the ones looking for halal ramen alternatives and is significantly the simplest halal ramen restaurant in NYC.

This eating place is a bit of a adventure from Midtown Manhattan, however it’s worth the trip for the particular experience it offers.

Modoo Chicken and Noodle Bar’s menu consists of a variety of scrumptious dishes, but their ramen alternatives are the celebrities of the display.

Guests have exceedingly encouraged their Spicy Beef Ramen and Creamy Chicken Ramen. These dishes are flavorful and satisfying, supplying an amazing eating revel in for the ones searching for halal ramen in NYC.

Recommended Dishes:

  • Spicy Beef Ramen
  • Creamy Chicken Ramen
  • Chicken Katsu Udon

·        When it comes to carrier, Modoo Chicken and Noodle Bar is regularly praised for being pleasant, welcoming, and attentive.

·        Staff participants make sure that clients have a nice experience and are usually geared up to assist with any requests or customizations. The excellent of provider is just one of the many motives why customers preserve coming again to this eating place.

In phrases of environment, Modoo Chicken and Noodle Bar is relaxed and inviting, making it an excellent desire for a comfortable dining experience.

Although the eating place is small and may get crowded, it provides to the intimate and cushty placing. Outdoor seating is available, giving visitors the option to dine in the outdoors while the weather permits.

Price-sensible, Modoo Chicken and Noodle Bar offers a wide range of dishes at affordable costs.

Customers have referred to that the eating place is an affordable alternative, presenting right value for the excellent of the meals and provider.

Considering the specific halal ramen alternatives, this eating place is in reality really worth a go to.

To sum up, Modoo Chicken and Noodle Bar is a outstanding halal ramen restaurant in NYC that gives delicious meals, excellent service, and a comfortable atmosphere at affordable expenses.

As the best halal ramen eating place inside the town, it stands proud as a ought to-visit vacation spot for those looking for this particular eating choice.


216-17 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY 11361, United States


+1 347-836-8382


  • Mon: 12 pm to 2:30 pm, five pm to nine:30 pm
  • Tues: Closed
  • Wed – Fri: 12 pm to 2:30 pm, 5 pm to 9:30 pm
  • Sat – Sun: 12 pm to nine:30 pm



Vegetarian and Vegan Ramen in NYC: A Halal Alternative

If you’re searching for halal ramen however are unable to go to Modoo Chicken and Noodle Bar, or truely want to discover other alternatives, consider searching out vegetarian or vegan ramen at non-halal restaurants.

These dishes frequently avoid the use of meat-based broths and substances, making them much more likely to align with halal dietary requirements.

Here’s what you may do to find suitable vegetarian or vegan ramen alternatives in NYC:

1. Research

Begin by way of looking on-line for ramen restaurants that provide vegetarian and vegan options.

Websites like HappyCow, Yelp, and TripAdvisor are treasured sources for coming across eateries that cater to numerous nutritional alternatives.

You can also ask for guidelines from neighborhood food bloggers or on-line groups.

2. Contact the restaurant

Before journeying, touch the ramen eating place to inquire approximately their vegetarian or vegan ramen options. Ensure that the dishes do now not contain any non-halal elements or alcohol.

You can also ask if they have any enjoy accommodating halal nutritional requirements or in the event that they’re willing to make modifications to their recipes.

3. Communicate your needs

When you visit the eating place, in reality speak your nutritional regulations to the group of workers.

Inform them that you require a halal meal and specify any substances that have to be prevented. This will assist the restaurant staff to better recognize your needs and probably create a halal-friendly ramen dish for you.

Final Thoughts

Modoo Chicken And Noodle Bar Halal – Although finding halal ramen restaurants in NYC is probably a mission, there are nonetheless options available for those in search of to satisfy their cravings for halal food in New York City even as adhering to halal dietary necessities.

Modoo Chicken and Noodle Bar would be the handiest halal ramen restaurant in NYC, offering scrumptious food, incredible service, and a cozy environment.

For the ones unable to go to Modoo Chicken and Noodle Bar, or actually searching out alternative options, vegetarian and vegan ramen dishes at non-halal establishments may additionally function a suitable opportunity.

By conducting research and communicating with restaurants, you may find out and revel in a wide range of halal-friendly ramen dishes within the colourful city of New York.

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