Muslim Abaya- Women’s One-piece Prayer Dress

Muslim Abaya: Abaya is the women one piece head cloth for prayers. It is regarded as the sign of respect, regard and honor among the Muslim women in the entire world whatever the society they residing in. according to the teaching of Islam, the covering of the body is obligation for women. Abaya is a kind of hijab and also the other name of burqa dress.

Abaya is long and is used to cover the parts of the body that should remain hidden from the eyes of the men. It starts from the upper part of the body and reaches below the knee down to feet. Abaya is very common among the women in the Arab countries where purda is strictly followed in letter and spirit. It is a convenient to put on and also it covers the body more easily than other clothes.

It is also Arabic fashion. It is becoming very popular as the Muslim clothing women. It is also formal dressing for women when they want to go outside the homes. It makes the woman look dignified and reasonable. Some it hides your formal dress from the eyes of others and women can wear it as overalls when they are in hurry or not in mood to change the dress.  Only the wearing of Abaya would hide their dress and they would not feel any hesitation about their casual dress being put on to do the everyday ware under the abaya.

A farther addition is made with the Abaya. A headscarf is used to cover the head. This head cloth is called hijab or Shayla. It is used to hide the hair and head. In some region and society, women use to wear hijab to cover face and head according to their traditions and choices. When the body from head to the feet is covered with stitched abaya, it is referred to as the burqa dress as is custom in the subcontinent especially in Pakistan, Bangladesh. Afghanistan etc.  


Light Camel, Black, Dark Blue

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Womens Only

Features of the Abaya:

  • The Hijab is made of soft and comfortable to wear.
  • The Abaya contains sleeves and drill makes its boarder.
  • It is made of pure material with contribution of 92% polyester and the remaining 8% Spandex.
  • It is prepared in China and product of high quality.
  • It is stitched using fabric containing polyester and spandex which are both durable and lasting material.
  • It is washable both by hands and machine. It is line dry with low heat in iron to press it.
  • Size of length is standard. It is 163cm and can be checked before purchasing it.
  • It is a great gift for the women as sacred festival of Eid is approaching fast. It can be valuable gift for some special occasions.

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