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Muslim women: Women make the half o the population of the entire world. In the Islamic societies, the women are give the special place and are considered the integral part of the society. Islam lays special stress on the respect and regard of the women. Islam has raised the status of the women so much that the primitive societies could hardly dream of Islam and women are compliment to each other.

Before Islam, women were considered inferior to men but Islam abolished the cruel and unjust behavior of the society towards women.  It raised their status and gave them respectable place in society with some limitation in their role and values. They were asked to hide their body parts from the lusty eyes of the men. For this purpose, they were asked to wear veil or hijab which would be helpful in serving the purpose of concealing their body.

 Islamic women are to wear veil whatever the society or region they are residing or living. The Muslim women follow the teachings of their religion in the letter and spirit. They are asked to hide their face and other prominent figures of their bodies from the sights of the unknown or stranger. They are not considered inferior or some kind of stigma is attached with them. This is done only to keep them away from the lust and lustful eyes of the men. It is a kind of protection that is given to them by Islam. This protection is not a hindrance or obstacle in their way to move in the society and play their part and role effectively.

 They are free to do anything of their choice but some restrictions are proposed for them. These restrictions are for their own sake and for keeping them away from the main stream of life. It is Islam which gave them high esteem and regard and proud place and position in the society which is only a dream in the other societies.  They are just taking purdah with their own free will without any compulsion from outside.



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 Even the European women are adopting scarf, hijab in western countries. Islamic women are well aware of the fact their protection is hidden in wearing the hijab to cover their prominent parts of the body. For this purpose, different kinds of abayas and scarves are introduced in the markets. These abayas vary from country to country and region to region. Hijab is also the kind of cover that the women wear to hide their face. These abays are all kinds from the casual abayas to the abayas put on in the functions or parties on the special occasions.  

The abaya is prepared from different materials. These materials are cotton, silk, polyesters, fabrics or wash and wears. Loose and body fitted abayas are also available on the site keeping in mind the attractive and graceful personality

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