Why Do Women Wear Hijab ? Learn Islam

Definition of Hijab & Slang Hijab

Dear Brothers and Sisters In this Article We will learn about Why Do Women Wear Hijab? Learn Islam. Hijab is the cover the women from Head to feet (Maiyusnida, 2003). There are many different names of Hijab in different countries. In Iran, it is called a chador, in India and Pakistan called pardeh, in Libya milayat, in Iraq abaya, in Turkey charshaf, and tudung in Malaysia, while in Arab-African country called hijab.

The hijab is widely used as a veil covering the head of a woman (hair and neck) strung together with a dress that covers the body except the palms and feet (Budiastuti, 2012).According to Islam the best criteria of Hijab is that it should be fully coverd face to palm. The clothes should not be tight ,fit and small .In these days women wear tight Hijab which is wrng and not according to the Islam  (Nadzariyah, 2009; Novitasari, 2014).

The variety of hijab in Indonesia consists of three kinds, namely syar’i hijab, standard hijab and hijab are not in accordance with the shari’a, commonly called slang hijab. Slang hijab according to (Triyana, 2014) that is wearing hijab but not covering the aurat in accordance with Islamic law.

The hijab wearer is only oriented to the fashion trend in dressing. The trend is influenced by the mass media that make religious values are no longer the main basis in dressing (Budiastuti, 2012). Finally, the hijab for some people becomes part of a lifestyle that can indicate modernity (Budiati, 2011).Hijab is the simblole of modesty and islam give the commandant of wearing Hijsab .There are many verses about Hijab in the Quran .Hijab is compulsory

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  • Choosing whether to wear a hijab is a significant decision that young girls do not take lightly. Have you ever needed to make a significant choice? What were your options? How can you go about creating your choice? Write a brief personal story about the decision you’re making.
  • There are many distinct sorts of coverings that Muslim girls may wear. Learn more about these if you test out What is the Difference Between a Hijab, Niqab, and Burka? online.
  • What else would you wish to understand about Islam or a different faith? Create a list of queries. After that, ask a grownup to assist you to find answers. You may begin by searching online or in the regional library.

Islamic Vocabulary Term and Definition

  • Concept-Idea, Think.
  • Hijab-Islamic concept of modesty in Islam
  • Tradition-Beliefs, Islamic customs, Islamic Laws
  • Quran-Holy book of the Islamic religion, The Divine Book.
  • Modest-refusing to draw attention to oneself, Humble.
  • Controversial-questionable or leading to argument.
  • Worship-honor, adoration, or glorification, usually to a religious god, Oneness of God.
  • Islam-religion based on the words and philosophy of the Messenger of Allah Almighy

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Hijab in English Language

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