How God Shaped Women of the Bible by John F. MacArthur

Women in every religion and every area are the part and parcel of human life. Life is not possible without women. Their role in the society has been and still is the matter of the debate among the scholars and thinkers of the different religions and different regions. In the primitive and pre historic society, their role was limited to their domestic responsibilities and in the most of the societies; they were treated high handedly by the men.

They were considered inferior to men and were debarred from taking part in the outside life. These societies did not allow them to come out of the house and play their constructive role in the society. But in the presence of so many difficulties and hardships, some women in their respective regions and religions broke the line and created wonders with their determination, courage and steadfastness.

Like How God Shaped Women of the Bible by John F. MacArthur

They are no more part of the society now but their struggle is the beacon of light for the other women who want to perform their responsibilities and who are facing so many opposition and hardships in their fields.  They were the creature of God and God did support them to carry out their struggle. John MacArthur has taken the initiative to write about the great women who put untiring struggle to tackle the difficulties successfully. In fact, the book is the splendid attribution and tribute to these great and unforgettable women.

 He has picked up the twelve daring women from Bible and has described their struggle and efforts to bring before the world their courage and dedication to their mission and cause. These women of the Bible were ordinary and common women and most of them belonged to the low caste of that time.




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Their struggle and determination made them nearer to God. God blessed their struggle with sweet fruit and reward in the form of making their name eternal in His religious book. The women of the Bible are described in detail for the readers to get inspiration for moving and achieving their cause and mission. The twelve women that he has picked up from the Bible are given as:

Eve: eve was the first woman who is the mother of all human beings. She was to leave the paradise for eating the fruit of the forbidden tree along with Adam. She had to face many difficulties to manage the life on the earth. She won her bliss of God with her repentance and struggle to mend her error.

Sarah: Sarah is the mother of Ismail and the wife of Abraham. Rahab, Ruth, Hannah, Mary, Anna, the Samaritan Woman, Martha and Mary, Mary Magdalene, Lydia are the women of the bible who are the leading guide of the women folk and are the source of inspiration for their sex not the resign to the hardships and problems of the life and world.

The book, women of the Bible offers you many life spending rules, principals and inspiration. Surely, the readers would enjoy reading about the daring deeds of the brave women who produced exemplary motivation for others. 

About the Author:

Joh Fullerton is the writer of the book. He belongs to America and is famous for writing teachings of Christ and programs for television. He is well known as the pastor teacher. His work is related mostly to the women in the Christian society.

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