Regaining Our Sense of Humanity: A Call to Embrace Compassion and Connection

Rediscovering the Heart of Humanity: Cultivating Empathy in a World Yearning for Connection” We bid the al-wida (farewell) for the most special month of Ramadan The month that is the Quran The month for siyam (fasting) as well as it is the month for qiyam (standing in prayer at night) and the month of Ghufran (forgiveness) as well as the month of Ihsan (goodness) in addition to the month known as karam (generosity) of generosity,

The month that hosts the Layla-tul Qadr (Night of Power), one of the months that is home to Yawm al Furqan (The day of the Criterion ), a day that is commemorated with the battle of Badr). We say goodbye to our beloved shahrun mubarak. A blessed month indeed.

Mirror Mirror of Reality

Being in a world of uncertainty is like looking into mirrors reflecting our weaknesses as human beings. It reveals the fragility of life in this world and revealing the necessity of prioritizing the most important things in life. It has helped us appreciate the value of time, appreciate the importance of human relationships and recognize the interdependence of a human family. A family of humans that appears fragmented, a family that is largely controlled by imperial and colonial selfish interests, a family split by political and regional power, all at the cost of innocent lives.

Spirituality as a part of Civic Responsibility

As believers, identified as the khayra ummah (best community) created to serve humanity. We have come out of the holy month of Ramadan which included not only prayer and fasting as well as demonstrating our compassion for others by more generosity. We’ve escaped an annual month-long ritual of inner spirituality as well as external generosity. 

We were required to pay saqaqatul Fitr (easing the suffering of the poor) before we could enjoy Eid When we are unable to not fast, we pay fidyah to help feed the hungry; Allah does not ask us to perform a prayer in order to make up for the time we did not complete; no instead, we offer an opportunity for social good by feeding those in need by offering fidyah.

We are expressing our faith in the social obligation and civic responsibility. This creates greater compassion towards those struggling and suffer from oppression.

Social Consciousness

We should not leave Ramadan without making all our efforts to reach a higher level of spiritual renewal in addition to resetting the moral standards with our qiyam and siyam without a concern for the suffering of those suffering, petty, and displaced. There are every day disturbing images of violence against innocent civilians, and the murder of children who are defenseless who, in the majority, are Muslims. 

The victims include the vilified Rohingya from Myanmar or the imprisoned Uygher from China as well as the oppressed population in Kashmir or those who have suffered from conflict within Syria and Yemen and the ongoing inhumane and oppressive occupation of Palestine and Israel, our hearts will not be broken as we stand to be in solidarity with those who are victims of oppression.

Advance or retrogressed

We are on the verge of the thirtiest decade of our 21st century and as humans it appears that we have advanced in science, but have regressed in morality and technologically, but have we have retreated from the realm of empathy. 

What is the point of making vaccines to protect people while we are creating advanced weapons that endanger human lives? What is enhanced technology, advanced theology, and deep philosophical thinking when we do not feel empathy and have lost our humanity? As Allama Iqbal said; “Agar na sahl hon tujh par zameen ke hangame buri hay mastiye andesha haayi -aflaaki”

“If you cannot confront the reality of this world (with confidence) It is ineffective to contemplate matters through meditative on heavenly issues”

Reflect as agents for Change as well as Goodness

In reality, what is the overwhelming presence of religious establishments and churches that do not create more humane beings? What value is religion when it doesn’t improve our human beings? 

Every one of us and collectively must decide to be the agents of Ihsaan (goodness) as well as healing and development if we want to build a bright and sustainable future for everyone who are part of our world. Our interconnectedness offers us immense opportunities and many opportunities to show our gratitude and show peace, but we face many conflicts and prejudice and so many conflicts.

We’ve been on an entire month of spiritual and moral discipline throughout Ramadan Introspectively and consider .. Are we on the path from self-centeredness to social awareness and from self-righteousness to righteousness? 

Have we transformed into better human beings, more compassionate, more understanding and compassionate … because this is the signification that faith is the foundation of those who are true believers.

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