The Abbasid Caliphate by Tayeb El-Hibri

Abbasid caliphate: The Abbasid Caliphate (750–1258) was one of the greatest, grandest and goriest empires of the Muslims in the three continents of the world. The Abbasid Caliphate (750–1258) presents the great The Abbasid Caliphate which ruled the three continents. Starting from the little area of Arab, the tribe rose to conquer the vast area of the world and became of the stronger center of Islam for more than three centu ries falling in the 1258 and broke into more than 53 countries. The Abbasid Caliphate can be said as the last empire that was the representatives of the Muslims all over the world. Wherever the Muslims were treated high handedly, The Abbasid Caliphate reached there to help them out in their distress condition. 

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The period after the Caliphate of Ommiad, Abbasid came into power and created new history influencing every field of life whether it was science or literature, medicine or engineering, agriculture or industry. In short, the Abbasid caliphate left in-erasable evidences of progress and development that history cannot forget or overlook.  The Abbasid Caliphate comprises multi dimension personalities who changed the entire Islamic world. Many great achievements were achieved during the glorious period of Abbasid caliphate.

The Abbasids succeeded after the fall of other great Islamic empire named after great personality of Islam, Hazrat Amir Mavaia, the Ommiad’s. The writer has taken the view of the empire from its beginning to the fall of Baghdad when the Mongol attacked the capital and destroyed the beautiful city to ashes. The book also presents the analysis of the great individual periods of the great caliphs like Harun Rashed and such other strong personalities of the history. The writer is examining the caliphate both as an institution as well as an empire.

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The Abbasids ruled the vast area of the land for more than five hundred years. It was such a long period that covered the huge area and region of the world that comprises the whole Arabic land as well as the African continent. How long did the Abbasids rule the world is not an difficult question and can be traced from the fall of the Ummaids to the entrance of the Mongols in the scene. The middle period of progress in science and other disciples of the knowledge were tremendously inspired the other world especially the European. Great men in science like Ibn e Haytham, Bu Ali Sina are the great figures who did miracle in the field of science.

The book is very interesting and provides highlights of the glorious past of the Islamic history. This is very rare gift for the book lovers and especially the history lovers. Your library would be priceless if this book is included in your collection.

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