The Muqaddimah: An Introduction to History by Ibn Khaldûn

The Muqaddimah by: Ibn Khaldoun is one of the most reliable historians of the Islamic world. He wrote the history in the book called Muqaddimah. The muqaddimah means introduction to some topic. It was tradition earlier in the history that the books were written in the same form. It was done so as to give the detail of some topic. The Mqaddimah by Ibn Khalduon is also an introduction about the main features of the Islamic history before the start of the modern world.

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The Muqaddimah by the great Arabian scholar is about the different fields that were in vogue in those days. It laid the base and foundation of the different branches of knowledge. These fields include philosophy, social sciences, ethnographic and economics. He gave insight about these fields of knowledge. This work has enabled the world to understand the civilization of the Muslim world. 

  To understand and appreciate the work of Ibn Khalduon, one must go through the biography of Ibn Khladoun.  Basically, his family background was very strong and knowledge based. He was looking for stable and influential. He received the heritage of politics and scholarism from his family. Both politics and scholastic were present in his personality in great amount. He was expecting to do better in the both fields and to surpass the family contribution. It was also the fact that Ibn Khalduon succeeded in different fields of life and knowledge more than anyone else due to his strong family back ground.

The incident that changed his life and put him on the way to politics was the outbreak of plague. The plague swept away the people from Samarkand to Moritania. It was during this plague that Ibn Khalduon was given the first assignment. This assignment initiated his political career. This career helped Ibn Khalduon to go through the political avenues of the Islamic states during the different reigns and eras.

The first ever translation was initiated by the well known English writer Franz Rosenthal. He is the prominent interpreter of Islamic and Arabic literature in 1958. This translation was done under the publisher named Bollingen Series and this publisher also introduced in the USA.  

The Ibn Khalduon Maqaddimah throws light and highlights the main features of the Islamic system of government and political system. The Al muqaddimah by… the best book to read to understand the different political scenario, economic system and philosophy of the residents of the different Arab countries of the past that ruled the half of the world before the renaissance of Europe.

The readers would get unlimited benefit and unforgettable knowledge about the civilization of the past Arabic countries and the countries that were part of the Muslim empires during different ages and different areas. The book Muqaddimah Ibn Khladuon would also reveal the cultural aspects of the Islamic culture on the other cultures of the world. The book by Ibn Khalduon is the record of the different events, episodes and incidents.

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The book Muqaddimah Ibn Khalduon has every inspiration for the readers who have interest in history and the culture of the different civilizations of different  regions.

About the Author:

Nessim Joseph Dawood is an Arab writer. His naitve town is Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. He is a jew by religion. He migrated from Iraq to England and settled there for the rest of his life. His one of the very first student who achieved his normal university studies after the World War 1. Most of his works are translation from Arbic to English. These works are much praised in the world of literature.

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