What is Noorani Qaida and how to Learn it?

Noorani Qaida – Learn Norani Qaida Online – Al Qaida Al Nooraniah is an educational method for Sharia and Islamic sciences, especially those that are related to the Holy Qur’an, and it is intended primarily to teach these sciences to children, so it requires many educational skills, but is this the only important information about Al Qaida Al Nooraniah? Is there any special information about it? This is what this article will go over.

Discover Al Qaida Al Nooraniyah’s Teaching Methods With Us.

Al Qaida Al Nooraniyah enables the child to follow tajweed rules while reading  in addition to correcting their exits of the Arabic letters while reading the Qur’an even at a young age, as a four-year-old can master reading the Qur’an and the Arabic language through this method.

What steps are involved in teaching Al Qaida Al Nooraniyah? This is what we will cover in the seven points that follow:

1st  Step:

The child begins to learn the Arabic alphabet, which consists of 28 letters, and memorizes them thoroughly, including formation and the correct way to pronounce the letter, such as Tafkheem (التفخيم), tarqeeq (الترقيق), and other Tajweed rules.

2nd Step:

Through repeated listening to the verses, the child learns to read the Holy Qur’an according to the correct rules of recitation.

3rd Step:

During this step, it is  important to teach the children how to pronounce the letters beginning with fat’h (الفتح), such as the letter   حاء(حا) or the letter تاء (تا) and so on in all letters.

4th Step:

The child progresses to a more difficult level in learning compound letters in particular, where they learn to read and pronounce these letters through listening rather than writing, such as the letter (لا), where the teacher must alert the child that this letter is the letter (لام) and (ألف) combined.

5th  Step:

The child learn the Noorani letters (the letters with which some of the surahs of the Qur’an began), where the child learns by repeatedly hearing the pronunciation of these letters and the rules of Tajweed in them while reading the verses.

6th Step:

Children learn the three important vowels in the Arabic language, fatha,(الفتحة) damma,(الضمة) and kasra,(الكسرة) by hearing the letters with these vowels and then pronouncing and applying them while reading the verses.

7th Step:

Norani Qaida At this point, the child is mature enough to read and distinguish between the previous three vowels, the letters that affect the sukoon, (السكون) and how to pronounce the shadda (الشدة)  and its letters.

Finally, Al Qaida Al Nooraniyah is a wonderful and important way for teaching the Holy Qur’an and the rules of recitation, and it is one of the wonderful rules in general for teaching the Arabic language easily to children, so please teach it to your children, my Muslim brother.

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