Can women Recite Quran in A Melodic Voice in The Presence of Non-Mahram Men?

Recite Quran – In Islam, free socializing (Ikhtilat) is forbidden between women and non-mahram men even if it is for the purpose of work or education due to the consequences and cautions that come from it. Therefore the ruling of Ikhtilat in Islam is Haram. But in general, a woman’s voice isn’t awrah for Allah saying in Surah Al-Ahzab ayah 32 (but speak with appropriate speech.).

 And since the prophet peace be upon him did not forbid women from approaching him and asking him in front of the Companions, may God be pleased with them. A woman cannot, however, speak in a complaisant manner. Allah the Almighty said “O wives of the Prophet! You are not like any other women. If you fear [God], then do not be complaisant in your speech” Al-Ahzab 33

Female Quran Teacher – There are two types of reciters: the first is a melodic reciter who, if a woman were to recite in the presence of non-mahram men, would lead to Fitnah. And the second type is a woman who recites in a regular voice and is permitted to do so in front of men if necessary. No one has stated that listening to a man’s voice is prohibited by Islam. However, it is prohibited for the male listener to listen to a woman’s voice, if he enjoys it, or if he fears fitnah for himself. If not, then it is not prohibited.

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