How to Instill The Love of The Qur’an in The Hearts of Your Kids?

Learn Quran for Kids – Many books have been written explaining the useful ways to instill the love of the Qur’an in the hearts of children, including a book published on the “Seid al-Fawa’id” website entitled (How can we help our children to love the Qur’an). In a statement about the book’s purpose, the author stated: The desired goal of this booklet is to help the child to love the Holy Qur’an, in order to make it easier for them to memorize it, understand it, and then applying it.

The author discussed in her book how to make a child love the Qur’an from the time they are a fetus in their mother’s womb until they are born. Passing through the stages that follow, and what we will discuss here are the three stages that follow the embryo stage.

The postpartum period, which lasts until the end of the first year: This stage begins with the fetus’s entrance into the world, where it encounters its first social environment.

So the child’s physical, mental, and social development depend on it, and it has a decisive influence on the formation of emotional balance and emotional maturity, so it is not surprising that The Islamic curriculum focuses on providing special care to the child at this stage.

Among the things the author said about this stage, which is the first year of a newborn’s life, she said: “In our current era, we see psychologists of different fields give this stage the biggest importance because it is the structure on which the personality is built on the basis, so we see them conducting studies on what is called the infant’s intelligence, and then they make educational attempts.” To take advantage of this time in raising intelligent children.

Quran for Kids – Hence, when a mother feeds her child while hearing a beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran, the comfort, tranquility, reassurance, and tenderness that the child feels while in their mother’s arms will be associated with the Holy Quran inside their unconscious mind. The Quran then becomes a source of security, reassurance, and happiness for the child later on. And of course its much more better if the mother recites the Quran herself, her recitation would be closer to her child’s feelings and has a greater influence on them.

Then the auther explained the third stage: “In the second year of a child’s life, role models play an important and major role in guiding the child’s behavior, so if they feel their parents’ love for the Qur’an through their actions, this feeling will be transmitted to them automatically, without any effort on their part.

For example, if they heard their father reciting the Qur’an while praying with their mother. Or they see their parents reciting the Qur’an after prayer, or while waiting for prayer, or they used to see them gather on Friday to read Surat al-Kahf in a quiet family setting.

Quran Hifz for kids – They will develop a feeling of comfort towards Qur’an, the child will learn to take care of Quran and not prefer other things over it, and if they see them choosing the best and highest places to put the Mus’haf, and they do not put anything on it or put it in a place that is not appropriate for it, but rather they hold it  With respect and love.. this will infiltrate the child’s unconscious mind, and they will eventually understand that this Qur’an is a magnificent, generous, and great object that deserves respect and love.

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