Zakat as Amanah: Nurturing the Sacred Trust in Your Charitable Giving

Nurturing the Sacred Trust in Your Charitable Giving, Zakat, Your contribution is an Amanah that has been given to us. We are Islamically required to ensure that it’s distributed to the people in need in the most efficient manner feasible. You are responsible to us and those who get your Zakat through Us (the rights-holders). Most importantly, we are in the hands of Allah.

We are committed to taking your donations seriously. When you donate your Zakat through Islamic Relief, you can be confident of Allah’s instructions from the Qur’an.

Allah commands you to return trusts to their proper owners. And when you are judging between two people, do so in a fair way.

We have trusted you to provide your Zakat since 1984.

Islamic Relief spends your Zakat contributions most efficiently to alleviate the pain of some of the poorest people.

We have been able to provide Zakat contributions since 1984, which makes it one of the longest-running Muslim charity organizations in the UK, Alhamdulillah! We are on the frontline in more than 30 countries, precisely as we have been during every major catastrophe since 1984, providing water, food, and emergency aid to those in dire need.

In 2022, we assisted in transforming the lives of 1328,400 people from 34 nations around the globe through our generous contributions and financial support.

We wish you a long time of helping us through your Zakat. You can give as much and as much as you like to help more people this Ramadan.

I take on the responsibility of ensuring that every dollar is given to those in need. We strive to provide to those in areas many other organizations cannot reach. It’s the kind of Amanah (trust) my supporters like you have put into my hand.

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