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Buy Horizons in the Arabic Language Volume 3: Leaning of the language is the most technical skill and this technique of learning as well as conveying in the said language comes through practice of the rules of that language. The Arabic language is the language of Islam and the Holy Quran. The reciting and listening the Holy Quran is the sacred duty of the Muslims. It is ordained times and again in the teachings of the religion Islam that reciting the holy Quran smoothly, fluently and beautifully has great importance and it is promised that those who recite the holy Quran smoothly, beautifully and fluently would be included in the company of the noble and obedient. On the other hand, those who find difficulty in reciting the holy Quran and they recite it with difficulty, stammering or stumbling over the words and their pronunciation would be rewarded in double quantity.

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Level Three in the Al-Aafaq is another presentation of the author for the learners of the Arabic language. This volume is built on the foundation laid in the earlier volume of the series. In this volume, the author of the book introduces new methods of teaching the students how to master the Arabic language. The learners learn from the sentence making by using the most suitable vocabulary. Word formation is presented with a lot of practice to move on further in the language learning process. The book pays much of the attention on the present and past tenses. The learners are given practice in distinguishing the different grammatical forms.

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Language Arabic only, Paperback 227 Pages only, Best Arabic Book for Kids and Toddlers , Text Book Level – 4 New Edition

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Sentence formation is given stress s for the teaching of the conversational Arabic and the knowledge about the alphabets is taught to help the learners in the process of the language learning. Tnaween is introduced in the volume for the learners to be ready for the more developed form and skill with the help of using vast range of the vocabulary.  The main this that is made the focus of the book is the emphasis on the writing skill of the learners.

 A workbook accompanies the textbook in an effort to decorate comprehension and writing skills. This is a huge workbook as college students want lots of exercise at this degree of language study. The tenses that are brought within side the textbook covered the masculine and female nouns and different grammatical concepts. Workbooks are higher best papers.

The learners of the language can take benefits from the book in learning the Arabic language well and smoothly. It is graded skillfully for the beginners of the language. They would feel quite easy when they come to learn the Arabic language from new beginning.

You would feel that it is great treasure for the learners and the people interested in learning the language. You would feel much satisfied if you get the copy of the book. The writer of the book is well experienced and versed in the teaching of the language at different level. He has used his experience in composing the book.

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