Daily Dua (Supplications) For Day 14 of Ramadan

Daily Dua – Duas, or supplications, are a vital shape of worship. They are a shape of direct verbal exchange with Allah, and as the last night of Ramadan tactics, the blessings are increased even more so. This is a time that gained go back for any other yr, until subsequent Ramadan. 

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: “Three supplications will not be rejected (by way of Allah): the supplication of the determine for his infant, the supplication of the one who is fasting, and the supplication of the traveler” [Bayhaqi & Tirmidhi].

Often instances, Duas are said in Arabic, but many non-Arabic speakers have trouble know-how the deep that means of the Dua. However, Duas can be made in any language, as Allah is aware of what’s in our hearts before we ourselves do. Allah says within the Quran: “Call on me, I will reply to you” [40:60]. Given our present day climate, filled with hate and negativity, we regularly experience hopeless.

Day 14 Ramadan dua and that means

Allahuma latuak akhizni fihi bilasarati waakilni fihi minal khataya wal hafawati wal taj alni fihi garadan lillbala yawal afati biizatika ya izzal muslamina

Meaning: Allah in this day do now not condemn me for slips, make me decrease errors and mistakes, do now not make me a goal for afflictions and issues, via your honor, O the honor of the Muslims.

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Daily Dua – Use the last day of Ramadan as a time to sell off our issues, our problems to Allah

1. Dua for the recognition of our worship

Oh Allah, receive my efforts all through this month, all of my prayers and fasts, and permit them to weigh heavily on the scales of correct.

2. Dua for sincerity in our worship

Oh Allah, purify my intentions and put sincerity in my worship of You.

3. Dua for preserving the good conduct discovered in Ramadan

Oh Allah, aid me in turning into righteous, furnish me Taqwa in order that I may additionally retain the good conduct beyond the month of Ramadan.

4. Dua for the following Ramadan

Oh Allah, guide me and my circle of relatives and grant us fitness so that we can also witness some other Ramadan.

5. Dua for forgiveness

Oh Allah! Forgive me all my sins, first-rate and small, the first and the remaining, those which are obvious and those which can be hidden (Muslim).

6. Dua for pressure

Oh Allah! I are seeking for safe haven in You from stress and tension. By Your mercy I are seeking for help and guidance.

7. Dua for the benefits of Eid

Oh Allah! Allow us to witness the benefits of Eid, to unite us to partake in worship of you, to bless us with pleasure that we will proportion with our friends, households, and associates.

8. Dua for endurance in time of grief

Oh Allah! Ease my grief, take away my sorrow. Give me the strength and persistence in this difficult time. 

9. Dua for the oppressed

Oh Allah! Give energy to individuals who are oppressed, bestow your mercy upon them, ease the suffering and assist our brothers and sisters in Kashmir, Myanmar, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, and round the sector. 

10. Dua for the Ummah

Oh Allah! Bless the Ummah and unite us so that we might also worship you in unity and maintain us at the immediately course.

11. Dua for the departed

Oh Allah! Forgive and feature mercy upon their souls, decorate their deeds, forgive their misdeeds, defend them from the punishment of the grave, give their households electricity and staying power, furnish them access into the best stage of Jannah and lead them to among the satisfactory of our Ummah.

13. Dua for the give up of wars

Oh Allah! Alleviate the ache of all the ones experiencing the trauma of conflict and violence, deliver us the power to assist humanity and cease their struggling.

14. Dua for the afterlife

Oh Allah! Guide me at the straight path, make me among individuals who struggle for Your sake, protection from the Fire and build for me near You a residence in paradise.

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