A Prayer For Healing: Quran & Hadith

A Prayer For Healing – We, as doctors, have accepted the truth that has been long-standing known to clients healing is a gift from God and we are an instrument employed by the healer. We can provide the same treatment to two patients with the same condition, or operate similar procedures on two patients at risk. 

One of them is likely to succeed, while the other one won’t. This is more than luck. According to Socrates stated, “I dress the wound and God heals it.” The same was said by the prophet Abraham, “and when I suffer from illness, it’s God who heals my illness” (Quran 26:80). God himself confirms this in the Quran by saying “If God touches thee with an illness, nobody will be able to remove it except He” (Quran 6:17). 

Healing is the result of Quran , The Quran does not function as an actual text book on medicine but it does contain guidelines for living that, should be followed, will bring about well-being and healing. This is why the Quran is described as an “book of healing. “O humanity There has come to you a message from your Lord and healing for the heart as well as for those who trust in the guidance and mercy of God” (Quran 10:57). 

“We have communicated in the Quran the healing power of God and a blessing to people who believe in God” (Quran 17:82) Healing by Quran. Healing through Quran is described as three different ways, which comprise. Legislative effect: This is the result of having faith (iman) which believes in God as more than just the God, but as the protector and sustainer. Also, it includes the benefits to health of prayers that are required and prayer, fasting and pilgrimage. b. Health guidelines:

 A Prayer For Healing – Products that encourage health are derived from the Quran and the ancient tradition of the times that of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon his name) including eating honey, olives, and fruits , lean meats and abstaining from eating excessively as well as the avoidance of alcohol consumption smoking, sexual promiscuity and smoking sexual sex, menstrual sex and homosexuality. C.

Direct effects of healing from the Quran The recitation of Quran by people who are sick or who care for those who are suffering (ruqya) can be proved to have an immediate healing effect. It is possible that this is because of the therapeutic effects of echo. Echo of sound is so powerful that it has been used to blast away mountains. 

Echo, which is a miniature version is being utilized to treat medical issues such as kidney stones (lithotripsy) and gallstones , and even to treat the subendothelial bacteria condition (SBE). The act of reciting the Quran Holy Quran has been proven in a study by Dr. Ahmed E. Kadi and his colleagues to decrease blood pressure, heart rate and to also trigger relaxation of muscles in Muslim Arabs, non-Arab Muslims and even non-Muslims. 

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A Prayer For Healing – The echo function is derived from “Alif Lam Meem” (the three first words of Surat AlBaqarah, chapter 2 in the Quran) is found in the heart. The same is true for in Ya-seen (chapter 36) is situated inside the pituitary gland within the brain. Thus, the Prophet Mohammad always advised to read the Quran (Quran-recitation) in high volume and not silently, stating that “The contrast between a quiet reader and one who recitates like a perfume bottle when it is shut and open.

” There is a belief that Meditation is a time of Prayer and Healing Meditation is a form of remembrance and contact with God in accordance with the guidelines God gives us. 1. “When my servant inquires (O Muhammad) about me, (tell them) I am with them. 

I pay attention for the prayers offered by every client who wishes to learn more about Me. I want them to hear my request and trust Me, in order that they be guided by the correct way” (Quran 2:186). 

2. “Your Lord says to him: “Call on Me and I will return your messages” (Quran 40:60). 

3. “Those who believe in God and who find their peace in the memory of God since when they remember the name of God can hearts find rest” (Quran 13:28). 

4. “Remember Me I will always remember you. Thank Me and don’t reject Me” (Quran 2:152). 

5. “Remember the Lord often and sing praise to Him in the evening and the morning” (Quran 3:41). 

6. “Such such as the ones who keep in mind God standing, sitting , and sitting” (Quran 3:91). 7. “and men who think of God often and women who keep a record of God, God has prepared for them forgiveness as well as a massive rewards” (Quran 33:35). 

8. “O you believe! Remember God with lots of remembranceand praise Him all day long and even in the evening” (Quran 33:41-42). The statements from Muhammad Prophet Muhammad who was also known as the prophet Muhammad along with all the prophets of God were a part of the remembrance of God throughout the day. Muhammad is believed to have said: Muhammad is believed to have stated that: 1. “There is polish for everything that eliminates the rust, and the polish to remove the rust from the heart is the Dhikr (remembrance) from God.

” 2. He was asked to name God’s most holy people and beloved by God on the Day of Judgement. The messenger of God God (P) replied “Those who think of God frequently.

” 3. This story was told in the wasith Qudsi (direct messages to Prophet Muhammad) “God the Most High has revealed that I am the person my servant believes I am. He is My servant whenever He refers to Me. If he refers to Me in his own words, I will direct him to me. If he mentions Me during an assembly, I will be able to make reference to him in the meeting more efficiently than. If he approaches me with a hand span I will come closer to his arm’s length If he approaches My feet, I go closer to him on foot.

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A Prayer For Healing – ” Thus meditation/remembrance has been a practice of all Sufi sheikhs. In the words of sheikh Al-Mursi “dhikr (meditation) is a blessing to God as it defeats and drives evil forces out, boosts the quality of life and makes the person more attractive, purifies the heart, eliminates imperfections and protects the tongue from gossip, lying and backbiting, all when it is recollecting the memory of God.

” Praying for help According to Imam Ghazali’s disease boosts faith and draws a person towards God. Knowing it, believers are told by the Quran to – “O those who are a believer, seek help with prayer and patience to God, for God is for those who are patient and persevere” (Quran 2:153).

 Muhammad was a prophet. Muhammad was known for his comfort to patients whenever he visited patients. He would pray the following prayer with the following form “O Allah remove the burden on all humanity give healing, for Your hands are healing. It’s impossible to discover cures, but only from You, a cure that does not leave any kind of disease behind.

” He could also pray suitable prayer to ensure his health: “O Allah cure my body and heal my heart, as well as cure my eyesight from any illness” (repeated 3 times). Can Prayers Help? Yes, they do. The doctor. Larry Dossey in his book “The Healing Words” has shown the healing effects of prayer. One example comes from a the study conducted by Dr. Byrd at San Francisco General Hospital in 1988. 393 patients with cardiac conditions who were admitted to intensive care units for 10 months were divided into two groups. 

Patients who were in members of the group (A) received prayers in their names as soon as they left the hospital. Patients who were part of that group (B) were not praying for. The people who were praying weren’t given guidelines regarding what to say. The results were intriguing. The people who had been prayed for were discharged earlier from hospital, had lower rates of cardiac arrest, 2 1/2 times less chance of heart failure due to congestive, and required one fifth fewer antibiotics. The research team observed that prayer in conjunction with affectionate care performed better. 

Angina pectoris sufferers with a caring, loving spouse and a caring, supportive wife, saw an increased of 50 percent of angina, compared with men who were divorced or were not married. Prayers work even when we’re sleeping. The Prophet Muhammad suggested that we perform prayers from Quran (Surah Ikhlas ), Al Falaq, Annas or the final chapter in Al Baqra (2:286) before retiring to go to bed. 

My own practice is to do regularly do Dhikr during my leisure time, especially when I drive. Prayers for the family members as well as my colleagues as well as patients in person in the understanding that healing is only through God. When I was in the hospital, I saw a patient that was extremely sick. She suffered from adrenal tumor (pheochromocytoma) that had been suffering from hypotensive stress. When I asked me what I could help her, she was needed help (doctors had told her she would not be able to do it) asked me to pray. 

Therefore, I placed my hand on the spot of the tumor and offered prayers of prophecy. Then I disappeared. When the next morning I returned, I was amazed to find her in her the bed smiling. She informed me that in the night, the radiology doctor examined her again and could not detect any evidence of the cancer. He could not explain the findings, but he was of the opinion that the arteriogram might have led to infarction to the tumor. 

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A Prayer For Healing – The Sufi practices for the treatment of diseases Sufis depend on prayers and also studying specific passages from the Quran and the names of Allah. This is referred to as”the Science of Tawidh (Taweez). They use the techniques of numerology that are related with Arabic alphabets. A sample tawidh is offered to demonstrate. The healing doesn’t occur on paper, in numbers or words and comes directly from Allah. My personal opinion is Tawidh is just a method to be a part of God’s consciousness and to be able to accept His mercy in return. Here are some Duas to say when we are sick and when visiting sick patients:

1.) Dua to the sick

Of course, if are sick, it is essential to seek medical attention. However, we could also pray to Allah s.w.t. to help us recover.

Allahumma Rabban-naas, azhibil-ba’s, washfi antash-Shaafi laa shifaa’a illaa shifaa’uka, shifaa’an laa yughaadiru saqamaa

“O Allah, Lord of humanity, relieve me of my pain. Heal (me) as Your sole healing power and only remedy beyond Yours, it’s the one which doesn’t leave any illness untreated” (Al-Bukhari)

2) Dua for sickness

Uthman Ibn Abdul-‘As r.a. stated the following: I wrote Allah The Messenger Allah s.a.w. about a pain in my body. The Messenger from Allah s.a.w. advised us “Place your hand in the place where you feel pain and repeat”Bismillah (In Allah’s Name) Allah) Three times. Then do it seven times more ‘A’udhu bi’izzatillah wa qudratihi min sharri ma’ajidu wa’uhadhiru (I seek refuge in Allah and His power from the evil which afflicts me, and from the evil that I understand). “(Sahih Muslim)

As we place our fingers on the area that hurts in hopes of finding relief Repeat the following steps:

BismillahThe Names of Allah

‘A’udhu bi’izzatillahi wa qudratihi min sharri ma ajidu wa ‘uhadhiru

My refuge is in Allah in His power and protection to ward off the evil that afflicts me, as well as from the evil I see.

3.)Dua for the sick or disabled

Prophet Ayyub a.s was blessed with a wealth of riches in land, children, and even children. He was later examined by getting everything and his health taken away from him. His limbs weren’t in good health apart from his tongue and heart, that he used to contemplate Allah s.w.t.

People cut relations with the Prophet because of his illness and he was exiled from the city and left solely his mother to aid him. Prophet Ayyub a.s was in a state of thankfulness and patient despite his circumstances. He sought the help of Allah s.w.t through the dua of Surah al-Anbiyaa’ (21:83). The next Dua is an excerpt from the verse:

Robbi Annee Massaniyad-durru wa-anta arhamur-raahimeen

My Lord. The hardships I’ve experienced has affected me. You truly are the most Merciful.

4.) Dua for a very sick person

When we face the health issues or illness of our child, mother or other family members, it’s normal to feel depressed and overwhelmed. However, it is important to remember the reality that Allah is called Ash-Shaafee (The One who heals and heals and heals, and is also known as Healer).

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A Prayer For Healing – Aisyah r.a. said his prophet Muhammad that when he s.a.w. was sick and sick the man repeated The Mu’awwidhatayn (Surah al-Falaq, as well as Surah AnNas Nas) after which he would blow the breath over his body. If he was very sick the Prophet (Aisyah r.a.) repeated (these two Surahs) and then apply his hands to his body praying for blessings.

  • Qul a’uuzu birobbil-falaq
  • Min Sharri Ma Khlaq
  • Wa min sharri ghosiqin izaa waqob
  • Wa min sharrin-naffaathaati fil-‘uqod
  • Wa min sharri haasidin izaa hasad
  • Say”I’m taking my refuge with the Lord in the early morning hours.
  • The evil He has created,
  • and from the dark of night as it approaches,
  • And, then, free from the evils of those who tie knots (practice Secret Arts),
  • and from the detriments of and from the ills of (one) or when and from the ills of envy (one) when he is.
  • Qul a’uuzu birobbin-naas
  • Malikin-naas
  • Ilaahin-naas
  • Min sharril-waswaasil khonnaas
  • Allazii yuwaswisu fii suduurin-naas
  • Minal-jinnati wan-naas
  • Speak: “I will seek refuge in the Lord of all mankind.
  • The King of all the People,
  • God of all people, God of all people.
  • Away of the dangerous whisperer of an ethereal trance that slinks
  • who whispers to the chests the populace
  • both jinns and individuals
  • (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

5) 5) Dua for forgiveness, mercy , and rehabilitation of wounded
In a hadith, Rasulullah s.a.w. said: “Whoever among you suffers from illness or a brother suffering from a condition and is suffering from a disease, let him tell:

A Prayer For Healing – Oh, our God Our God, our Lord Allah who is within Heaven In Heaven In Heaven, praise be Your Name. Your plan is done both in heaven and on earth. God, You’re an God with mercy pour it upon the earth. We ask forgiveness for our sins as well as our sins and our untrue techniques. God is just. Give us mercy from You and heal us with Your hands to heal this wound and ensure it heals”

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A Prayer For HealingRobbana-Allahullazi fis-samaai taqoddasas-muka amruka fis-samaai wal-ardhi kamaa rohmatuka fis-samaai faj-al rohmataka fil-ardhi. Ighfir lanaa huubanaa wa khotoyaanaa anta robbut-toyyibeen. Anzil rohmatan min rohmatika wa shifaan min shifaaika ‘alaa haazal-waja’i fa-yabra’u(Sunan Abi Daud)

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