Ending Sound Worksheets PDF Download

Ending Sound Worksheets PDF Download. Ending and beginning sounds are usually the first sounds that children recognize in the language. Since my preschooler loved the Beginning Sound worksheets so that much I thought it would be fun to create some Writing the Ending Sound Worksheets to help her. You can have them too!

If you are a fan of educational apps You might like the Alphabet Sound App as well as Trace It Test It app. Both apps offer activities and games for the alphabet sounds and letters.

Below is a full list of identical sound worksheets. In these worksheets , students have to discover the word with identical sound to that of the letter underlined or the letters of the word that starts with. Students learn to recognize the letters by their sounds. It also teaches them how to pronounce the various word parts. This will help them better pronounce words correctly in the near future.

  • Answer Key
  • Same Sound Exercise 1
  • Same Sound Exercise 2
  • Same Sound Exercise 3
  • Same Sound Exercise 4
  • Same Sound Exercise 5
  • Same Sound Exercise 6
  • Same Sound Exercise 7
  • Same Sound Exercise 8
  • Same Sound Exercise 9
  • Same Sound Exercise 10


We hope that you find everything you need on our website. Be aware that this work is copyrighted and that can only be used by teachers in schools as well as at home. Binding, bookmaking, the collation or layout of worksheets as well as reproduction or reproduction of our worksheets for other web sites or the use of our worksheets for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

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Same Sound Answer Key Worksheet

Same Sound Worksheet – 1 Download

Same Sound Worksheet – 2 Download

Same Sound Worksheet – 3 Download

Same Sound Worksheet – 4 Download

Same Sound Worksheet – 5 Download

Same Sound Worksheet – 6 Download

Same Sound Worksheet – 7 Download

Same Sound Worksheet – 8 Download

Same Sound Worksheet – 9 Download

Same Sound Worksheet – 10 Download

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