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Food in Space | Eating in Space – NASA

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Imagine spending more than a week camping with a group of your closest friends. You’d make sure you have enough of food as well as the necessary cooking and eating equipment. To avoid deterioration, the food would need to be carefully stored and nonperishable. You’d store all your stuff and properly dispose of your rubbish immediately before the ride home after finishing your supper or at the end of your camping vacation.

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When astronauts travel to space, they essentially perform the same thing. The method of preparation differs depending on the type of food. Some foods, such as brownies and fruit, can be consumed in their natural state. Other dishes, such as macaroni and cheese or spaghetti, require the addition of water. Of course, the space station has an oven to heat dishes to the right temperature. Because there are no freezers in space, food must be kept and processed elsewhere.

Ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise are among the condiments available. Only a liquid form of salt and pepper is available. This is due to the fact that astronauts in space are unable to season their food with salt and pepper. It was as though the salt and pepper would float away. They could clog air vents, pollute equipment, or become lodged in an astronaut’s eyes, mouth, or nose.Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the three meals that astronauts consume each day. Nutritionists make sure astronauts have a balanced quantity of vitamins and minerals from the food they eat.

Astronauts have different calorie requirements. A tiny woman, for example, would only need about 1,900 calories per day, whereas a huge man would need over 3,200 calories. Fruits, almonds, peanut butter, chicken, steak, seafood, chocolates, brownies, and other foods are available to astronauts. Coffee, tea, orange juice, fruit punches, and lemonade are among the beverages available. Food in space is packaged in disposable packets, just like on Earth. When astronauts finish eating, they must discard their packets. Some packaging is designed to keep food from flying away. Food containers are designed to be flexible and easy to use, as well as to save space while storing or disposing of them.

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On the space station, every day is different. One day may be spent doing science experiments, while the next may be spent performing maintenance on the station, either as a preventative measure or because something has broken. But, in general, I get up at six a.m. to start my day. Because the station works on Greenwich Mean Time, it is the middle of the night in Houston and Huntsville, Alabama, early morning in Cologne, Germany, later in Moscow, Russia, and afternoon in Tsukuba, Japan when I wake up. Each of the International Space Station’s partner agencies has a control centre in those cities.

The next year, they found what appeared to be a satellite near Eurybates, a Trojan asteroid, and made an urgent request to utilise Hubble once more. After approximately a month, they were able to receive their results. Eurybates has a tiny satellite, which Hubble detected and called Queta.

Because the spacecraft will be exploring not seven, but eight asteroids in 2027, this finding has provided a “bonus” science investigation opportunity for the expedition.Though identifying satellites is one of the mission’s primary objectives, locating them before Lucy launches allows the team to analyse their orbits and arrange for more comprehensive follow-up investigations with the spacecraft.

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