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Quranmualim was a well-known and gentle person. She was gifted and excelled in her studies, arts, and sports. Quranmualim wasn’t arrogant and always eager to help others. People admired her for His abilities, Islamic Work, Trust, but more for her humbleness.

But the people knew Quranmualim was not a person to be trampled on. Quranmualim would defend Himself when people took her kindness to be taken for granted.

Humility is frequently interpreted to be submissive, accommodation or a spineless manner of conduct. However, the truth is the opposite.

People who are humble are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. They recognize their strengths and abilities. They seem friendly and confident but determined in their opinions and their actions.

The humble do not want to brag about what they are able to accomplish. Their actions, as well as achievements, be the main focus of their lives.

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What is the definition of humility? 

Author C.S. Lewis has stated, “Humility isn’t having a negative view of yourself but rather, being less self-conscious about yourself.”

People who are humble don’t tend to be self-centered. They’re usually capable of doing incredible things; however, they do not want to showcase their achievements. They recognize their strengths and this can give them plenty of confidence, but they don’t feel overly confident in their abilities.

The humble people are not usually attracted to self-praising or boastful behavior. They concentrate on their objectives and don’t have the desire for a status of their own.

Today it is the norm that humble people aren’t able to achieve their goals. Dominance and aggression are frequently thought of as the best way to succeed in any area, but humility is often overlooked.

Humility is a quality that is not visible. We might not even be aware that someone is humble until we stop to consider it.

But, if you consider three or four individuals at the top of their game whom you admire, then you likely find that they’re humble, as well as extremely successful. Their humbleness is the key to their accomplishments.

As Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy said, “Perfection is not possible without humility. Why should I seek Perfection if I’m already enough?” 

It is the quest for Perfection, not the approval of others, that motivates humble people. They constantly strive to become better. This is the reason they are humble.


Humility can have many benefits. It can help you become more popular because people will find them friendly and approachable. Your confidence increases when you’re not anxious by distractions or apprehensions and concentrate on your strengths.

Being humble is known to directly impact your happiness. The humble person is more relaxed and with their surroundings.

If you’ve not had the privilege of experiencing humility as an aspect of your life so this point, let us look at ways to improve your humility:

Get reviews 

A person who is humble is more socially-focused than one who is self-centered. Being humble implies that you don’t just evaluate yourself using integrity but also get honest feedback from those who are important to you.

Through reading reviews of other people, Honest people make sure that they’re not being misled regarding their abilities. It requires courage to seek feedback from other people and also to know how to deal with constructive criticism. Honest people can manage both.

So, being humble is not just about being confident, humble, and polite, it will also push you to improve yourself continuously.

Overcome Your Own Biases 

One of the most important characteristics of an honest person is their lack of prejudgment. You cannot be humble, discriminatory, or prejudicious simultaneously.

If you want to remain humble, then you need to not think about how your race, gender, race appearance, educational background or skin color makes you different. Learn to be focused on your accomplishments. Fairness to those from different backgrounds and appreciating their strengths is the mark of a person who is humble.

Anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela has said, “There is an unspoken appreciation and respect for people with a humble, humble by nature and are completely confident in every human being, regardless of their status in society.”


It is a matter of never being afraid to seek out guidance. People who are humble are always looking to self-improvement, betterment and aren’t shy of asking questions. They realize that asking the right questions is the most vital aspect to acquire knowledge.

Let’s examine an example of how important humility is. A major tech company had a critical executive session where the CEO presented the plans to develop an app for mobile that would be a huge undertaking. After revealing his plans, he asked the audience if they wanted to ask questions, but nobody was able to answer. The plan was unanimously approved, and a time frame for the project was established.

There was, however, no progress with developing the app since the project manager did not have a clear understanding of its capabilities because they did not inquire. The project was ultimately put on hold.


People who are humble do not focus on themselves. They are observant and can remember little aspects about people around them, their qualities, their habits, and their preferences.

In a work environment that’s collaborative, It is crucial to be ready to be attentive and understanding of the other person’s point of view and only ask for what is required.

Practice paying attention to other people in your workplace by two methods. First, pay attention to people when they speak and be attentive to their verbal and non-verbal signals. Also, make sure you read the person’s words carefully to better understand them. People who are humble invest their time and energy into being able to understand others, which allows them to be able to communicate with everyone.

Be prepared to fail 

Mount Everest was not scaled on the first try. Similar to that, if you’re doing something that is challenging, then be prepared to be a failure. Learn to accept the mistakes with smiles. It could hurt your pride to make mistakes, acknowledge that you failed, and then ask for assistance. However, you must learn to avoid taking the lessons learned from your mistakes to heart. Failure can be a powerful teacher as well as humble individuals learn from their mistakes. Consider the failure as a setback. keep working toward your goal. This is what defines the humble.


The idea of humility may appear to be an indicator of weakness to many, but it’s actually one of the most significant advantages a person has. A person who is humble is aware of their shortcomings and is always committed to doing the right thing.

The virtue of humility helps you improve and have a positive effect around the globe. It also helps you to not be too arrogant and forget about your objectives. As said by the hockey star Maxime Lagace, “There is no need to be proud since you are aware of who you really are.” It’s precisely what a humble person is aware of.

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