Islamic Books for Kids (Age-wise) Ages 5 and up PDF


Like and Share Islamic Books for Kids (Age-wise)  – As a Muslim Parent, are you seeking methods to teach the children you love about Islam? There is a wealth of sources, including a syllabus, available alhamdulillah. But where do you start and what time?

In this blog, I’ll be sharing my journey in teaching Islamic Studies at home to my children (who are home schooled by me), How we started the Islamic Studies learning, and what method we employ to make sure it is enjoyable and continuous. There is more information on Tuesday’s Teaching Tips video that follows. For now, here’s the overview and further details and links to the topics I talked about!

Like and Share Islamic Books for Kids (Age-wise)

Where do I begin? : In the Home

Naturally, your children’s Islamic learning begins at home, and with your primary caregiver. Make sure that Islam can be felt and seen within the family home. A few suggestions are to play the adhan at home during Prayer time, and recite Quran out loud and let your children observe you while praying, or perhaps pray with each other. Place prayer/duas on the home, purchase beautiful dua-themed posters from Learning Roots, this will serve as a reminder to you as well as a visual aid to your children.

Islamic Children’s Books

There are some fantastic hardback books that are suitable for Muslim children from young and emerging Site  and the well-loved The Islamic Scholar For more information on the Muslim Book recommendations and for update News like and SHARE Alasad Online Quran Tutor. IF You want to get Online Quran Education, contact US.  Any Question WhatsApp +923017363500 Call: +923127363700

We’ve created 5 easy ways to educate youngsters concerning Islam.

  • Make Salah Kid-friendly
  • Hadith for children
  • Tell Our Stories
  • Celebrate Muslim Talent
  • Start by Choosing You
  • Keep this website alive…

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