Generosity in Action: Muslim Americans Lead in Charitable Donations

Charitable Donations – Unveiling the Philanthropic Spirit – How Muslim Americans Top the Charts in Charitable Giving” According to a study published on November 20, 2021, by Indiana University’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, Muslim Americans are more generous donors to charities as compared to the typical non-Muslim U.S. adult.

At present, Muslims comprise just over 1 percent of the U.S. population. They’re primarily a group of race, with African-Americans, Asians, Arabs, and Latinos being the most significant portion of the minority population.

The median amount of donations reported to Lilly by Muslim respondents for Lilly’s Lilly study was 1,810 for religious-based causes and $1,400 for non-faith-based causes. The average donation written by non-Muslims was $1,138 and $767.

Here are a few highlights from the study:

Muslim charity giving to both faith-based and non-faith-based causes is greater than that of non-Muslims. Muslims in America gave $3,241.96 for charitable giving, compared with $1,905.23 for the general public.

The survey results also indicate that Muslims volunteer more each year than non-Muslims. The comparison of volunteering is intriguing, suggesting that, in general, American people commit 11.8 hours of religious-based volunteering and 13.72 hours for non-faith-based volunteering, and Muslim-Americans devote 66.61 hours of volunteering for religious causes and 45.93 hours of volunteering for non-faith-based causes.

Domestic relief is 12.70 percent of total Muslim charity aid in the U.S.

Protection of civil rights for people who belong to their community is an area in which Muslims are very generous with their money. Suppose we examine Muslim generosity in the area of human rights issues. In that case, Muslims pay approximately 10.14 percent of their income towards civil rights, 4.74 percent of the overall population.

Muslims give 27.45 percent of faith-based charitable giving to churches of worship. The non-Muslims contribute an average of 51.28 percent of religiously based charity to the worship center.

Muslims contributed more COVID-19 aid (14.26 percent), even for non-religious causes than the population average (6.65 percent).

Males give more than females to causes based on faith ($3,444 against. $976 for reasons based on faith, and $2,611. $856 for causes outside of faith).

The 40-49-year-olds have the highest percentage of donations to charity. WhatsApp +923017363500

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