Learn Fourth Kalima Tauheed Arabic English Translation

What is the importance of the fourth Kalima (tauheed) in Islam?

Learn Fourth Kalima Tauheed Arabic English Translation –  The fourth kalima is also referred to as Tauheed, oneness of Allah Almighty or Tawheed meaning ‘unification of oneness of Allah (God)’. This is the first pillar of Islam which is the central philosophy  in Islam. It holds that Allah is One, only One,  (Al-Ahad) and Single (Al-Wahid).

In the Qur’an Majeed one of the worse sins you can commit is shirk, which refers to associating partners or to accept other divinities alongside Allah Almighty. Shirk (Partners) is a serious sin and according to Qur’an Majeed is unforgivable.

In the Quran Majeed, Surah Ikhlas tells us the Oneness of Allah and is a good introduction to learning about Tauheed:

  1. Say, “He is Allah, [who is] One,
  2. Allah, the Eternal Refuge.
  3. He neither begets nor is born,
  4. Nor is there to Him any equivalent.”

Now that we have covered the importance of the fourth Kalima (Fourth Kalima Tauheed ), let’s move onto actually learning what it is.

Transliterationla ilaha illallah wahdahu la sharika lahu, lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu yuhyi wa yumitu Wahuwa Hayyu-l Laa Yamootu Abadan Abada. Dhul Jalaali Wal Ikraam. Biyadihil Khair. Wahuwa Ala Kulli Shai-in Qadeer.


(There is) none worthy of worship except Allah. He is only One. (There is) no partners for Him. For Him (is) the Kingdom. And for Him (is) the Praise. He gives life and causes death. And He (is) Alive. He will not die, never, ever. Possessor of Majesty and Reverence. In His hand (is) the goodness. And He (is) the goodness. And He (is) on everything powerful.


First, the six kalimas are not found anywhere altogether either in Quran Majeed or Hadith. They are authentic forms of prayers  which can be offered and their purpose seems to be educational, learning , especially for children, Kids, Toddlers or new Muslims as they are a best  based to learning about Islam.

Pronunciation Forth Kalima ( Kalima Tauheed )

According to this hadith Shareef, those who recite the Forth Kalima – La ilaha illallahu, wahdahu la sharika lahu, lahul-mulku wa lahul-hamdu, wa Huwa ala kulli sha’in Qadir 100 times in a day would be rewarded as if they freed 10 (Ten) slaves, would receive 100 (Hundred) credit and 100 (Hundred) sins will be forgiven.a

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