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Dear Brothers and Sisters, Arabic Particles, Verbs, Tenses, Arabic Forms, Arabic Alphabets, Arabic Grammar and related words are very important since they have multiple possible meanings depending on context in which they appear. Trying to study, Arabic Grammar, Arabic word by word and understand all the possible meaning shades of these Arabic Particles, Verbs, Arabic Grammar and related words is very important as these are frequently used.

The 3 kinds of Verbs: A Verb can be one of three kinds:

  • (Past) – Indicates something that happened before the speaker
  • (Present) – Indicates something that occurs at the time of the speaker or after
  • Future(Command) – Indicates an something whose occurrence is sought after the speaker’s time

Dear Students, In this Blog, they are referred to as particles because they must be used with nouns, Kinds of Verb or verbs to be meaningful. See You again, keep touch and remain Active السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

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This Arabic Particles (مِنْ (from)إلى (to)عَنْ (from/about)عَلى (upon/over)إلا (except)لَكِنْ (however)إنَّ (indeed) and أَنْ (to) ordering of Basic Arabic letters (أ ب ج د هـ و ز ح ط ي ك ل م ن ث ع ف ص ق ر ش ت) is recent. Formerly, they were laid in the same order as that of other Semitic, Semtex and Indo-European languages:أ ب ج د هـ و ز ح ط ي ك ل م ن ث ع ف ص ق ر ش ت

Dear Users, These common ordering is a hint to the fact that all those Arabic alphabets (Arabic alphabet contains 28 Alphabets Letters) have a common distant ancestor.

Next come some indicators used to identify whether a word is a noun, verb, Tenses or Arabic particle

Questions to consider:

  • What is the definition of Verb?
  • How many kinds of Verb are there?
  • What is Present?
  • What is Past?
  • What is Future?
  • Give 5 examples of a Verb
  • What is the definition of word?
  • Give 10 examples of a sentence.

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