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Establishing the Principles- Morphology

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Arabic grammar or Arabic language sciences is the grammar of the Arabic language, Arabic Semtex. Arabic is a Semitic language (Arabic MSA) and Arabic grammar has many similarities (Hebrew and Arabic- a tendency to say “kh”) with the grammar of other Semitic languages. Ilm as-Sarf is known as morphology (Arabic Grammar) or conjugation of verbs (الف ممدودة, assumed round Taa, Round Taa,) while Ilm al-Ishtiqaaq is known as etymology. Morphology (study of the internal structure of words) is the branch of linguistics and one of the major components of grammar (gender, plurality, definiteness, grammatical case) that studies word structures, especially in terms of morphemes. Etymology is the branch of linguistics that studies the origin and history of words (List of English words of Arabic origin (A-B), List of English words of Arabic origin (C-F letters), List of English words of Arabic origin (G-J letter)

List of English words of Arabic origin (K-M), List of English words of Arabic origin (N-S), List of English words of Arabic origin (T-Z)) which includes the transmission from one language to another, and the changes in form and meaning. The difference between a definition and etymology is that a definition tells us what a word means while etymology tells us where the word came from and what is used to mean.

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The Benefits of Studying Morphology

Dear Students, I’ve always been fascinated by the intricacies of how the Arabic language, Arabic Grammar is constructed and the various meanings derived from set patterns. With the passage of time, practice and exposure, it will become easier to learn new Arabic words, Arabic Alphabets, Arabic Grammar PDF, Arabic vowels and decipher word meanings. Studying Arabic morphology is a great way to speed up your Arabic Language understanding.

Who is it for?

Dear Students, you must be able to read the Qur’an Majeed fluently. You will need to commit to 6 hours of contact time per week constantly and at least a further 2 hours of personal study with Arabic Tutor. Students who cannot read or write Arabic should join the Beginners Arabic.

Arabic Language and The Quran

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We will covered the Topics in conjunction with selected chapters from PDF books, Printable Worksheets such as Ten Lessons & Introduction to Modern Arabic and tailor made worksheets to help students apply their knowledge of the grammar concepts, Alphabets, MSA and develop a broad vocabulary:

  • Important terms of Arabic LAnguage (Ism’, fi’l, harf, ma’rifah, nakirah, etc);
  • The definite and the indefinite Tenses;
  • The sun (solar letters) and moon letters (lunar letters);
  • Common forms of the detached personal and demonstrative pronouns (“this,” “that,” “these,” and “those.”);
  • Important terminology (the understanding of contexts and specialized texts) relevant to the study of sarf
  • The classification of verbs: perfect, linking verbs, and helping verbs. Action verbs, imperfect, imperative; triliteral, quadrilateral, the simple and derived; sound and irregular forms of the verb;
  • The perfect active positive verb (from A to Z) from simple triliteral roots;
  • The Masculine and the Feminine nouns;
  • The singular, dual and plural;
  • Introduction to the cases: the 3 cases, (subjective, possessive and objective) the nominative, the accusative and the genitive; declension using vowels and letters

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Quranmualim aims to enable learners of knowledge from across the world to establish faith (Iman), practice (Islam), Teaching of Islam and excellence in their own lives and to transfer the legacy of Islamic scholasticism to the Muslim Ummah, New Muslim, thereby protecting it from all types of deviation.

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The goal of Essential-ism is to offer free download, quality education (religious and Islamic Education) on the Islamic sciences here. The instructor has an Ijazah in The Quran recitation (Quran with Tajweed, Quran with TAfseer, Quran Translation, Quran word by Word, Quran Grammar, Qurani Qaida, Noorani Qaida) and is a part time student at Quranmualim Site of Islamic Sciences.

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