Modal Auxiliary Verbs Worksheets PDF Download

Modal Auxiliary Verbs Worksheets PDF Download. This page has active and passive vocal worksheets. Modal auxiliary words are some of the most significant and confusing verbs. This kind of helping verb is utilized to alter the tone of the primary verb. The worksheets are being developed and tested.

What are Modal verbs? – Modal verbs

Modals (also known as modal verbs, modal auxiliary verbs or modal auxiliaries) are specific verbs that behave in a different way in English. They differ from standard verbs such as “work and play”, visit, etc. …” They also provide details about the purpose of the verb which is following it. They perform a wide range of communication functions.

Here are some features of Modal verbs:

  • They will never change their spelling. You can’t add “s”, “ed”, “ing”…
  • They are always preceded by an infinitive that does not contain “to” (e.i. the pure infinitive.)

They are used to signify the modality of speaking and enable speakers to convey confidence or possibility, desire and obligation, as well as the necessity of capability, and obligation.

  • Can and Could Worksheet
  • May and Might Worksheet
  • Must and Have to Worksheet
  • Ought to and Had more Worksheet
  • Shall and Should Worksheet
  • Will and Would Worksheet

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Can and Could

May and Might

Must and Have to

Ought and Had better

Shall and Should

Will and Would

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