Seeking Assurance: Does God Hear Me? Unraveling The Mysteries of Divine Connection

Does God Hear Me? Exploring the Depths of Faith and Understanding the Dynamics of Communication with the Almighty” What does it mean when a prayer is going unanswered?

In the Quran, God in reality says that He will answer the prayers of folks who pray to Him: “When My servants ask thee [O Muhammad] concerning Me, [tell them] I am indeed close: I concentrate to the prayer of each suppliant whilst he calls on Me: Let them also, with a will, Listen to My name, and accept as true with in Me: That they may stroll inside the proper way” (Quran 2:186)

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In some other verse: “Your Lord says: ‘Call on me, I will solution [your prayer]” (Quran 40:60). Consequently, I pray to God for everything in my lifestyles, large or small. If one notices intently, my lips are frequently fluttering away in silent prayer to God during the day. Most of the time, the Lord solutions my prayers. Sometimes, He does not.

Recently, I asked God for some thing very, very essential to me. I prayed to Him night time and day. I got up inside the early morning to hope greater devotional prayers before dawn to make that supplication to Him. I prayed to God at times while the Prophet  said God will answer individuals who pray to Him. I prayed nearly continuously for this specific issue. It did no longer come.

Needless to say, I became unhappy and dissatisfied. In the midst of my sadness, a barrage of thoughts and questions raced via my head: “What went wrong? Was it some thing I did or said?

Is God irritated with me?” In reality, I almost desired to say, “Why?” Furthermore, my disappointment gave manner to non permanent non secular weak spot in that I had brief thoughts of rebel against God. I stated to myself, “All this prayer, and it became no longer replied. Did God no longer listen me?”

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No, God indeed did listen me, however He selected now not to present me what I requested of Him at this specific second in my lifestyles. The above change in my head become born out of the reality that I am a human being, issue to all of the weaknesses and hypocrisies of the human circumstance. The Quran told me that that is in my nature: “Now, as for guy, when his Lord tries him, giving him honor and items, then stated he, ‘My Lord hath commemorated me.’ But while He attempts him, proscribing his subsistence for him, then stated he (in depression), ‘My Lord hath humiliated me!'” (Quran 89:15-sixteen).

Now, thank God I did now not say God has humiliated me. Also, thank God, I did no longer point an angry finger on the Lord and proceed to disobey His commands. To do so might be horribly ungrateful. How many blessings has the Lord bestowed upon me?

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They are innumerable. I do not need to be amongst folks that “worship God, because it had been, at the verge,” because the Quran says, “if proper befalls them, they are, therewith, properly content; however if a tribulation comes to them, they turn on their faces” (Quran 22:11).

When the solution to my prayer eluded me, I truly positioned my head down in attractiveness, nonetheless unhappy, and said, “All praise is because of God. God has decreed consequently, and He does what He wills.”

The truth is, the Lord neither deserted nor humiliated me. According to the Prophet, while someone calls on God, one in all three things happen:

(1) it is right now replied (and I do now not have a scarcity of these prayers, thank God);

(2) the solution to the prayer is deferred to Judgment Day, while the supplicant can be handsomely rewarded;

(3) the prayer will block a calamity this is to befall that character.

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Thus, in my case, either some thing horrific changed into going to show up to me, but my unanswered prayer blocked it, or the Lord is saving the answer to that prayer for Judgment Day. Either manner, I win.

The aspect is, I frequently can not see that; I do no longer have Divine Vision. This is another trait of the human situation. I do not recognize God’s know-how in no longer answering that prayer right right here, proper now. Hence, my sadness and sadness.

Yet, my function is to be affected person with the will of God and continue to be a humble, devout servant. God will answer other prayers. Perhaps God will sooner or later permit me see the awareness of His selection. He has executed so already once before.

When I was a senior in high school, I carried out for an honors software in remedy in which I would be guaranteed a niche in clinical school after 3 years of college. My software was very aggressive: a 4.0 GPA and a whole host of extracurricular activities, honors, and awards.

I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed. I was not customary, and I felt the equal sadness and unhappiness then as I do now. Yet, I did no longer despair or become rebellious towards God.

Three years later, I became typical to medical college with out a bachelor’s diploma. In truth, I was the most effective one in my clinical school elegance to be common right out of university.

I reminded myself of this throughout my recent disappointment. While I do no longer recognize God’s understanding, I ought to agree with that He has my first-class hobby in mind, and that He will now not do me harm. This is what God wants, and I must be affected person.

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Even although this prayer become now not replied immediately, I will continue to wish. I will continue to try and rise up earlier than dawn and pray those more devotional prayers. I will, in truth, pray more to God now than I even have executed so inside the past.

God constantly hears folks who name on Him, and I will live my lifestyles making sure He constantly hears my voice. And the most lovely aspect is, He never receives uninterested in listening to that voice. That is why nothing else in this global except He merits to be worshipped.

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