Spanish Numbers: Learn 1 100 in Spanish

1 100 in Spanish – After all, numbers are important for getting around within the international – whether or not you need to tell a waiter to deliver three glasses for your bottle of wine or actually need to understand how an awful lot a jumper charges.

In this text, we’ll teach you the Spanish numbers to 100.

Before we start, it’s crucial to notice that those numbers will sound a little specific in Spain than they do in Latin America. However, it’s easy enough to understand each if you know the differences between Spanish in Spain and the Americas.

The largest pronunciation exchange you need to recognize with regards to counting in Spanish is that, in Spanish speak me international locations within the Americas, the letter ‘c’ is said as an ‘s’ sound in whilst it comes before an ‘e’ or an ‘i’. For those identical phrases, it’s suggested as a substitute as a ‘th’ sound (like ‘thanks’ or ‘thermometer’) in Spain.

Ready? Let’s move.

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Learn to count – Spanish numbers 1 to 100

One of the fundamentals of getting to know any language is learning to rely. That’s why we’ve compiled a reachable chart for Spanish numbers translation that includes each wide variety from 1 to 100.

If you’re getting to know Spanish, one of the quality ways to examine is to set small, achievable, and specific dreams – so allow’s start with the Spanish numbers 1 to 10.

Spanish numbers 1-10
NumeralIn Spanish

Okay, now that you can rely to ten in Spanish, we are able to pass on to numbers from eleven to 20.

You’ll note that, like with English numbers, many of share some sounds or syllables with the numbers one to 10, but don’t quite comply with a ordinary sample simply yet.

Spanish numbers eleven-20
NumeralIn Spanish

Unlike English, the Spanish numbers from 21-29 follow their personal unique format – but after that, it’s clean cursing to a hundred!

Once you hit 30, as with many languages, you virtually want to know the names for 30, 40, 50, and so forth. You combine them with the phrase for ‘and’ (‘y’, en Español) and the numbers one through 9 – that you’ve already discovered, rockstar!

Let’s see that sample in motion…

Spanish numbers 21-50
NumeralIn Spanish
31treinta y uno
32treinta y dos
33treinta y tres
34treinta y cuatro
35treinta y cinco
36treinta y seis
37treinta y siete
38treinta y ocho
39treinta y nueve
41cuarenta y uno
42cuarenta y dos
43cuarenta y tres
44cuarenta y cuatro
45cuarenta y cinco
46cuarenta y seis
47cuarenta y siete
48cuarenta y ocho
49cuarenta y nueve

Now which you’ve visible the Spanish numbers 1 to 50, you’re positive to be getting the hang of counting in Spanish! From right here, it’s all approximately studying the numbers for 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and of route… 100. How do you assert a hundred in Spanish?

Keep scrolling to discover.

And within the interim, in case you’re in a rush and just need to recognize how to say ‘68’ in Spanish as quickly as feasible, our handy chart has you blanketed.

Spanish numbers 50-one hundred
NumeralIn Spanish
51cincuenta y uno
52cincuenta y dos
53cincuenta y tres
54cincuenta y cuatro
55cincuenta y cinco
56cincuenta y seis
57cincuenta y siete
58cincuenta y ocho
59cincuenta y nueve
61sesenta y uno
62sesenta y dos
63sesenta y tres
64sesenta y cuatro
65sesenta y cinco
66sesenta y seis
67sesenta y siete
68sesenta y ocho
69sesenta y nueve
71setenta y uno
72setenta y dos
73setenta y tres
74setenta y cuatro
75setenta y cinco
76setenta y seis
77setenta y siete
78setenta y ocho
79setenta y nueve
81ochenta y uno
82ochenta y dos
83ochenta y tres
84ochenta y cuatro
85ochenta y cinco
86ochenta y seis
87ochenta y siete
88ochenta y ocho
89ochenta y nueve
91noventa y uno
92noventa y dos
93noventa y tres
94noventa y cuatro
95noventa y cinco
96noventa y seis
97noventa y siete
98noventa y ocho
99noventa y nueve
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