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Definition of Polygamy

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Polygamy means a system of marriage wherein one person has more than one spouse. Polygamy can be of two types; one is wherein a man marries more than one woman, and the Second  Polygamy means  other is polyandry , wherein a woman marries more than one man. Islam permits limited Polygamy while prohibiting polyandry completely.

Legal Position of Polygyny in Islam

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Muslims derive the permissibility of Polygamy in Islam from the Qur’anic verse, Quran is a divine books and goodness to the Muslims:

“If you fear (fright horror) that you shall not be able to deal justly, equality, dealing  with the orphans, children, wises, marry women of your choice, two, or three, or four; but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then (marry) only one…” [Al-Qur’an 4:3]

From the above verse, it is evident, prof that Polygamy (Marriage) is neither mandatory, nor encouraged, but merely permitted. The Holy Qur’an also warns about the difficulty of dealing justly between multiple (Two, Three, Four) wives:

Like The Concept of Polygamy in Islam – Learn Islam

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Ye are never able to be fair and just as between women, even if it is your passionate desire: But turn not away altogether, so as to leave her  hanging. If ye come to a friendly understanding (equality, Fair), and practice self-restraint, Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful. [Al-Qur’an 4:129]

Although, it made fair, Clear and equitable (Equality) dealing with wives (Two, Three, Four) an obligation. If any one is not clear  of being able to deal justly, equality  with All wives (Two, Three, and Four), the Qur’an says: “then (marry) only one” (Qur’an 4:3).

The Qur’anic order, thus, made Polygamy protective, when compared with the prevalent practice in the world.

Polygyny is a Solution

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Let us consider a few questions: What is the situation in other countries that have banned polygamy (marriage)? Do they really enjoy sincere, faithful and loyalty  “monogamy” as the norm? Are infidelity and secret extramarital ( adulterous, illicit, extracurricular ) sexual relationships  more moral than the legitimate, legally protected husband-wife relationships, even under polygamy (Marriage) if there is a pressing need for it? Which of the best  situations is better?

There are societies (Qoum, Muashra, Samaaj, Rafaqat, Sangat, class civilization sector) where women outnumber men. Although, wars take a huge toll on men as compared to all women. For unmarried women who cannot find husbands, not marriage yet and widows who aspire to a respectable family life, Polygamy is often an acceptable alternative.

Conclusion: The Concept of Polygamy in Islam

Traditional Sunni, Hanfi, Shafi and Hambli Islamic marital jurisprudence allows Muslim men to be married to multiple women (One , Two, Three and Four ) (a practice known as Polygamy and polygamy)

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